20 Months With Ralph

I cannot believe that I am doing a 20 month update for Ralph. If you have followed me since Ralph was born you know that the first 12 months of his life I did updates  (scroll to the bottom of this post for month by month updates) and then once he turned one I have done a few.

Well on Monday Ralph hit the 20 month mark and I honesty cannot believe that in just four short months we will have a two year old. I know they say the time goes fast but it really is so true. I am not even sure to where to start with this update. I guess the best way to describe Ralph currently is full on toddler. He runs, screams, throws, chats, jumps, climbs, snuggles, gives kisses, eats and sleeps.

He loves to swing a golf club, go to the park (he even has a little girl crush he sees there in the afternoons), play outside, be pushed in his stroller, watch Elmo, throw a ball, dance, play with the dogs, build forts (or a ‘foot’ as he calls it…still working on those “R’s”) and enjoy his afternoon snacks (veggies sticks for life). He prefers sparkling water to still, loves Kombucha, gets excited to have an Orange for dessert and the Trader Joes Everything Seasoning is his favorite on his avocado toast. Last week I gave him five M&M’s for dessert/make him practice saying his colors (orange, blue, red, green & yellow) and you would have thought I just gave him a million dollars!

Guys, Ralph is the biggest cheese but has the sweetest personality. He is just such a lovey. I cannot say enough wonderful things about my little 20 month old but in summary he really is the best. I have enjoyed so much watching him change from a little baby to a curious little boy. Becoming a mom has been one of the best things and I cannot imagine how much more fun it will become!

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