11 Months with Ralph

11 months with ralphMy baby is one month away from his first birthday and I really cannot believe it. Where has this year gone??? Last night when I was writing this post, I went through each monthly recap of Ralph’s first year (see links at the bottom of this post) and I really cannot believe the change that has happened over the last 11 months. SOOO many firsts and I know that will probably never change.

Okay, so back to the monthly update. This last month was another ‘big’ one (do you ever not say that about your kids?). Ralph is moving more and more. He now stands on his own for longer periods of time and when he pulls up on things he holds onto the object (coffee table, ottoman) and ‘walks’ around. It’s so cute because he is always soooo proud whenever he pulls up on his own. I feel like one day he is just going to decide he is ready to walk! He also is making more ‘sounds’. While he hasn’t had an official first word, I feel like it’s going to happen any day now!!!

We are still working hard on the whole ‘real food’ thing. To be honest, it is kind of a beating because he wants to do it himself but he is so slow, so he ends up not eating near as much as he should. It’s fine (for now) because he still has four bottles a day but I know once that once year mark hits, we have got to start weaning. Somewhat dreading that but I know it will eventually be fine.

Between the last update, I ordered Ralph a little baby pool for our backyard. We go out there almost every day late in the afternoon and he is OBSESSED with being in the water. He loves to splash and play with his toys in the ‘pool’.

Although Ralph has changed SO much the last month (he even has 1 more tooth making it 6 total), the biggest thing that has happened was that I left Ralph and went away with just Wade for a long weekend. Wade has been on a few trips since Ralph was born but all the trips we have taken, I have brought him! I made a goal with myself pre-Ralphs arrival that I would make myself leave him for a weekend before he turned one. I will admit that it was hard to leave him but my grandmother said I would be totally fine by the time I got on the plane and she was right. Wade and I had the best weekend away, just the two of us!

I am so thankful to have such a sweet, loving, healthy and happy baby. It’s hard to believe that my next update will be on his very first birthday!!!!

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