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Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, Amy Havins is a Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger as well as a Style Consultant. Amy has always loved all things that are beautiful and stylish. Although she officially launched Dallas Wardrobe in the summer of 2011, Amy has been showcasing her personal style and helping others find theirs since she was a young girl. To learn more about her styling services click here.

Amy loves to travel, shop, drink champagne, work out, and most importantly spend time with her sweet husband Wade and their two and a half year old old baby Ralph. This mom is a take-out expert, Blue Moon is her favorite beer and her nails are (almost) always red. Amy & Wade welcomed their first child, Ralph Bonham Havins in July of 2017 and are excited to welcome a little girl in September of 2020.


In the summer of 2011, after working as a wholesale clothing rep for the southwest region for major brand and personal shopping for Dallas locals on the weekend; I decided (with the help of Wade) to say goodbye to wholesale and pursue personal shopping full time. I recruited some really talented guys to help me brand my idea and build my web-site. I wanted to distinguish myself as a personal shopper in Dallas with a really great website/brand.

In the branding process my web guys suggested that I add a tab/page to my web-site that said ‘blog’. They thought that it would be a great way to showcase my personal style to potential clients, plus it would help my SEO. When they first suggested that I ‘blog’ alongside my personal shopping job, I actually laughed. The thought of putting pictures of myself on the internet made me cringe. After they bugged and bugged me about this, I finally agreed. Well, fast forward almost 9 years (crazy), the joke is on me because the blog has taken over. While I still maintain a few of my original clients, I really don’t have the time to devote to in-pereson personal shopping as much anymore!

Thank you so much for visiting and for following along. My little space on the internet would not be possible without your support! xx

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