12 Months with Ralph

12 months with Ralph

I cannot believe that a year ago today we met our sweet Ralph for the first time. An entire year! So much has happened over the last year. Ralph Last Saturday we had a first birthday party for Ralph (more details about his party coming in another post) and as I was looking around the room at our sweet friends and family, I really could not believe how many people have shown us (and him) so much love the past year. From just coming to see us or being patient with his schedule (thankful for sweet friends and family that understand it), everyone who we surround ourselves and Ralph with has been such a blessing. I have always heard people use the phrase ‘it takes a village’ and that could not be more true.

Since it has been one month since my last Ralph update (you can read his 11 month update here), he really has changed (I know I have said that every month but it really is true). He now stands completely on his own and last Friday he took 1 step and then tapped out. He loves to stand, hold onto a piece of furniture and ‘walk’ around (while holding onto the furniture). He says the word “WOW” all the time (especially when he sees something that he likes) and now loves to play on his own. Wade and I were laughing because he literally played with his toys by himself for 45 minutes on Sunday!

Ralph still crawls very quickly around, loves to chase his puppies and giggles non stop. I cannot tell you how thankful I am for this sweet little boy.

16 plane rides, hundreds of diapers, late nights (or early mornings) and more fun than we could have ever dreamed; we now have a 1 year old. A ONE YEAR OLD! I cannot believe that we are here but I am so grateful for the endless amount of joy that our sweet baby Ralph has brought Wade and I over the last year. This first year has been such a blast and I cannot imagine the fun that our little family is going to continue to have in the future. xx

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