8 Months with Ralph

7 months with ralphI cannot believe that two days ago Ralph hit the 8 month mark. It is so crazy how the time is just flying by (you can read Ralph’s 7 month update here)! I know I have said every month is a favorite but looking back, I can honestly say that from 7-8 months not only have I seen the biggest change in baby Ralph but it has been the most fun.

Since my 7 month baby Ralph update, SOOOO much has changed. Ralph is now ‘eating’ 3 times a day, he is chattier than ever and he is SO close to being able to crawl. In fact yesterday I watched him for the first time go from laying on his tummy to sitting up. Such a BIG boy! He is always rocking back and forth, which from what everyone has said that means he will be crawling any day now! Good thing we are moving because it is time to baby proof (more on the move tomorrow, don’t worry). Baby Ralph still LOVES his bath time. In fact the other night I tried to do a ‘short’ bath and he started crying. He is much smarter than I give him credit for, haha. Ralph now has two bottom teeth and from the way he has been acting, it is looking like more are coming in soon. Oh and don’t even get me started on the giggling. The last week his giggles have completely changed. Once he starts laughing, he cannot stop. It’s the sweetest little laugh!

So much has changed in the last month but one of the biggest and best things that has happened is that he is now down to two naps a day. I’ll do a schedule update soon but the short version is that he no longer takes that last ‘cat’ nap of the day, which for us makes bedtime so much easier and it is easier to take him to dinner because we have a longer time frame from his afternoon nap to bedtime!

I know you are probably tired of me saying this but Ralph really is such an easy baby. I know this sweet little boy will be a handful at times but for now, I am soaking up every snuggle, every giggle and new thing he does. Obsessed is an understatement.

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