4 Months with Ralph

4 months with ralphThis post is so crazy to write. First because today Ralph is 4 months old, secondly because a year ago today I figured out I was pregnant (you can read the post about how I found out I was pregnant here). So crazy to think that a year ago I was just beginning the pregnancy journey and now I have a 4 month old. They are not kidding when they say a lot can change in a year!

Since my last update with baby Ralph (you can read the 3 month update here), it’s so crazy how much he has changed in just a month. The best thing since last month is the giggles. Ralph now laughs and it is literally the best sound I have ever heard. He is always smiling and he is still obsessed with Baby TV (and Baby Shark). Thankfully he is still sleeping through the night but everyone has talked about the 4 month sleep regression, so I am just anxiously awaiting for that to happen!! Only time will tell with that…

Since last month we did say goodbye to our beloved swaddles (these are the ones we used) and hello to the Merlin. A lot of you asked what the transition was like from swaddles (double swaddles at night) to the Merlin. Well I know some of you don’t like hearing this (trolls, cough, cough) but it was so easy. Ralph LOVES his Merlin. It’s like a giant down comforter and the minute we put him in it (every nap and at night) he just relaxes and falls asleep. Since the Merlin is a bit on the heavy side, when he is in his Merlin he just wears a diaper. We used to put socks on his hands since they hung out (his feet at JUSTTT starting to poke out a bit) but he loves having his hands in his mouth (beginning stages of teething), so the socks would just end up soaked in slobber! We keep his room at 68 degrees (that is the ideal temperature for a baby to sleep comfortably..they run on the hotter side), so we know he is the perfect temperature and not too hot in the Merlin.

Ralph still is loving his tummy time and can know ‘roll’ from his stomach to his back. He can’t figure out how to get from his back to his front though! He still loves his schedule and thanks to us sticking to the schedule rarely cries or gets upset (to read about the schedule we have him on, click here). He is such a good sport (did you see his Halloween costumes?? click here if you did not!).

Ralph loves to try and sit up (he can’t yet, so we put him in this chair that he LOVES), relaxing in the bath (we put him in this for bath time), smiling and ‘chatting’. He is verryyyyyy chatty in the mornings, so I am thinking he mighttt be a morning person just like me (def not like his dad, haha). Just a couple of days ago Ralph actually started pulling his feet up and staring at them. It is so cute to see him just stare at his feet (and hands) and wonder what the heck they are!

Although I have loved all things that have gone on with Ralph, I have to say that month 3-4 has been my favorite. We are starting to see his sweet personality and he is much more responsive which is always fun. Plus I mean the giggles. Oh my goodness gracious, that is just the best sound ever. Sometimes I think Ralph is just making fun of me and Wade because of the RIDICULOUS things we do to try and get him to laugh! Baby Ralph is still the sweetest and has really been such an easy baby so far. I know that could change in a second (he could become difficult) but so far, so good!

Cannot wait to share all of the changes from month 4-5. It is hard to believe that by the time I give my next update Thanksgiving will have come and gone and Christmas will be just a couple of weeks away. Time slow down!

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