The MOST fun at home activity

While I do love a good “toy” for Ralph, one of his favorite things to do is be in the kitchen. We bake everything from cookies to banana bread and cook everything from mashed potatoes to fish (he likes to help me season the fish). I love that it is a fun activity that we can do together but I also love that it something that he enjoys so much.

The other night before we put him to bed, I asked him what he wanted to do the next day and his response was “make birthday cupcakes“. So that is exactly what we did. Funny enough, I had leftover party hats from birthdays past and even a little candle. We made cupcakes, iced them, added sprinkles and then sang happy birthday.

One of my favorite things (this list is VERY long) about having a baby is the joy the bring you, even when you doing the silliest activities. It’s amazing the joy that making cupcakes and singing a sweet song brought Ralph (and us).

I cannot recommend enough getting your kids in the kitchen and letting them help you. It really is the best activity ever. Oh and if you want to see the sweet video of us singing to him, click here!

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