14 Months with Ralph

14 months with ralph

14 months. 14 months! Oh my word. I promise you it seems like just yesterday I was so grateful to have made it through the first week. This baby boy has changed so much since my last update at 12 months (you can read it here). The biggest thing that has changed is that he now walks!! He started walking on August 5th, so about 12 1/2 months. He was a little wobbly at first (as I would expect) but now he is basically running. It’s crazy to see how much he has improved in the last month and a half!

Ralph also has 8 teeth and his bottom molars are coming in. Thankfully it hasn’t been as rough for him as when his first two teeth came in. Ralph now eats so much more. His favorite foods include tortellini (only from Royal Blue), broccoli, halibut, string cheese, raspberries, breakfast bars, avocado, peanut butter & jelly, grilled cheese, spaghetti and squash. Occasionally we give him a baby cookie but we are really trying to get him eating more before we introduce a bunch of stuff we KNOW he will like.

I would have to say the hardest change we have had to make with Ralph since my last 12 month update was getting rid of the bottle. In order to keep him semi-happy; at 12 months we started rationing his bottles. This means we would do 2 ounces of whole milk and 6 ounces of formula for a week. The following week we would do 3 ounces of whole milk and 5 ounces of formula…you get the picture. Once we got to 6 ounces of whole milk and 2 ounces of formula we took away the bottle and introduced this kids sippy cup. The first day he was SOO mad. He was so mad he would just cry and then maybe drink 3 ounces. Yes this was incredibly frustrating but by day 3 he was back to his normal self and totally forgot about the bottle. If you do decide to try this sippy cup, I would recommend taking out the ‘anti spill’ little piece that is in the nozzle…at least until your child knows how to hold the cup by himself!

Ralph now continues to say WOWWWWW, mama and dada. He even will point to a picture of Wade and say dada now (he also loves to point at just about everything)! It’s adorable. He carries around his baby golf club and vacuum all the time. Cleary his favorite toys. Reading is his favorite thing to do (we read stories alll day long), he loves to play chase with his puppies and peek a boo is his favorite game. He also enjoys his bath time more than any little baby I’ve ever seen!

Other than those new things, I am so thankful for the last 14 months and that we have a sweet, happy and healthy growing little boy! He is such a joy and we cannot get enough!

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