9 Months with Ralph

Amy havins gives a baby ralph 9 month updateAnother month has gone by. Another month! Baby Ralph is 9 months old today and I really cannot believe that in just 3 short months we will be celebrating his first birthday. I am sure you are quite sick of me saying that so much has changed since last month but a lot really has changed. The biggest thing that has changed from last month to this month is Ralph is officially on the move. He is crawling EVERYWHERE. It’s amazing that just a few weeks ago he was rocking back and forth and now he is on the move. Now if he wakes up before his 8 am bottle, when I walk in his room he is just sitting up in his crib. It is too funny to see him just sitting there smiling and waiting on me. Today I looked down for a second while in the playroom and Ralph had pulled himself up on a basket and was just standing there (holding onto the basket) and looking at me. So crazy that he is so much more active now.

Baby Ralph’s top two teeth have made an appearance, so now he has 4 teeth! The top two teeth happened to appear during the week and a half he was sick with a bad cold, so that made his cold even worse for him but lucky for me all he wanted to do was snuggle! Ralph learned how to clap just last week and he is still the biggest fan of  bath time. I’m talking LOVES his bath time. That child could sit in the bath and play with his toys all day if I would let him! He is also loving having more up time from his afternoon nap to bedtime (you can read his new new schedule here) and bedtime is getting even more fun (if that’s possible). We read a short book, snuggle in his chair and then if he hasn’t fallen asleep already, he plays in his crib for a little before falling asleep.

I did not think it was possible to love my little giggle box anymore than I already did but every day he does something new and his sweet little silly personality just amazes me! I cannot believe that I am only 3 updates away from a 12 month update. It’s amazing how time flies.

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