7 Months with Ralph

7 months with ralphYesterday our sweet little baby Ralph turned 7 months. It’s hard to believe that it’s already been another month since my last update (you can read his 6 month update here).

It really is crazy how much changes in just a month. Ralph is still on his new schedule and LOVING it (you can read his new schedule here). Since last month, baby Ralph now can roll from his back to his front. I first learned he had this new talent when he was laying in our room about a week and a half ago and I looked over and he had rolled to the other side. All he did was look at me and smile, it was precious but also quite terrifying!

The last month we have also gotten really consistent with him eating baby food. I found this brand at Whole Foods (I’m sure everyone knows about it but I didn’t until last month), called Ella’s. Ralph LOVESSSSSS to ‘eat’ the food twice a day. In fact he gets so excited sometimes that his entire body shakes with excitement. Another thing that makes baby Ralph the happiest is his bath time. Prior to starting food, we didn’t really do bath time consistently. I mean he wasn’t getting dirty, it just didn’t make sense to bathe him every day. But ever since he started sitting up ALMOST by himself (sometimes he topples over) and eating ‘food’ twice daily, we just let him get messy at his last feed and then it’s straight to the bath. I actually gave him his first bubble bath last weekend and I have never seen him light up light that. Yes, he was trying to eat the bubbles but he thought it was the bubbles were the coolest things everrrrr.

Both of Ralph’s bottom two teeth have broken through. I was really worried that it would be dramatic (that’s what everyone said) but he honestly didn’t mind. One day I felt little bumps and the next they had broken through. I know we will be in for some rough days but he really has been such a sweet and easy baby.

As far as ‘talking’ goes, Ralph is soooo chatty at night. He likes to yell, giggle and even say ‘da da’ (even though he doesn’t actuallyyyy know what he is saying). Ralph often sits in this discovery walker and last night he was just playing with the little toys it comes with and the chair moved…He looked at me like he had just figured out the best trick ever. As of last night, Ralph can now ‘walk’ backwards in his little walker and thinks it is hilarious. Us on the other hand are just looking at the things that we need to baby proof ASAP.

Another amazing month in the books with sweet baby Ralph and I didn’t think it was possible but I love that little boy more and more every day.

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