How We Organized Vivienne’s Nursery

If I had to pick my favorite room in our home, I really couldn’t just pick one. I would pick two…both Ralph and Vivienne’s. Those two spaces are the most whimsical and lovely in our home. Both of their rooms “go together” but they are different and I think just so beautiful (you can see Vivienne’s room here)....


Vivienne’s Nursery

Vivienne's Nursery

designed by Cindy Sontag // photographed by Beckley Photo



How to Safely Keep your Child in their room

child lock

child door lock

To lock or not to lock? This is a question that I am sure many parents have asked themselves. Some are all for it and others think it is a terrible idea. Regardless of how you feel about having a lock installed on our child’s door please know that I agree with whatever YOU want to do for your own child....