My Third Q & A

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This is my third ever Q & A and to be completely honest these are my favorite posts to write. Sometimes I forget that you guys don’t know a lot about me. Although you see bits and pieces along the way, these Q & A posts are a great way to let you get to know me a little more.

If you don’t follow me on Instagram, I occasionally post to my Instagram stories to direct message me questions that I will answer in one of these posts!

My Third Q & A

  • What facial do you get and how many times do you go? I actually never ask for a specific facial. My esthetician customizes my facial based upon what my skin needs!
  • How did you meet your close girlfriends? I met all of my close girlfriends at different points in my life. One of my closest friends and I actually went to the same high school. While I am a few grades above her, we reconnected when I moved back to Dallas after college and we were both starting out blogs! Another close girlfriend I met through work, a few other close friends I have grown up with (we have been friends since we were 9) and another I actually met in college but we never hung out until after we graduated! I feel like meeting friends and getting close can be tough but always be open and kind as you never know when or how you will make that ‘close’ connection with someone.
  • What is the best book about pregnancy and how to get ready? I actually never read a book during pregnancy. I wanted to just have an open mind to the entire process and I knew that my natural ‘instincts’ would just kick in…and guess what, they did! As someone who had never even changed a diaper until baby Ralph arrived, I can honestly say that I have figured it all out as I go and it has worked out great for me.
  • What recent trend would you like to see go? Tiny sunglasses
  • What are your thoughts on Bumble/etc and would you have used it had you not met Wade when you were in college? I 100% would have used it! I think it’s a great way to connect and meet new people if you are looking for a relationship. It’s also another way to just get out and make yourself go have a cup of coffee or dinner with someone. I know a girl who forced herself to go on a date and she ended up meeting her husband because he walked by the table and started talking to her and they hit it off. You NEVER know when you will meet someone, so if matching on an app is a way that makes you get out of the house and be social, GO FOR IT!
  • Best advice for balancing everything? Don’t be afraid to tell people no. It’s okay to not do everything. I feel like I used to get so stressed if I was supposed to be a million places at once. One day I woke up and asked myself why I am creating stress when it really can be avoided! Yes, I am sure sometimes feelings get hurt when dinners are declined but it’s okay to take time for yourself (even if it is just a 45 minute yoga class) or just stay at home. For me, investing in relationships with people who genuinely care and not stressing about those who are toxic in my life has really allowed me to have a clear head and focus on what and who really matters. 
  • My husband and I are planning on starting to try for a baby in January. We have a big trip planned for overseas as a last hurrah with just the two of us. Any other tips for how to cherish this special time before our family expands? Don’t think about it. When I found out I was pregnant, the most discouraging thing everyone always said to me was ‘enjoy your life now’, ‘your life as you know it is over’ and other ‘positive’ things like that. You know what??? Your life and you and your husbands relationship is not over after baby. Yes, you for sure have to plan a little bit more in advance (no more last minute late dinners) but the only thing that changes is that you have this AMAZING little being that the two of you created. Of course I love all of the moments Wade and I had prior to Ralph but now we just have those moments times a thousand. Life with a baby is so enjoyable (even when they wake you up in the middle of the night). It’s weird to love something so much but bringing a baby into the world with your best friend is the greatest adventure the two of you will ever do together. 
  • What is your favorite white top you own? This is my favorite white top.ever.
  • What was your major in college? I majored in fashion merchandising and minored in business administration. You can read about my career path here.
  • Any tips on taking plane trips/heading to a different time zone with a baby? We have only had to adjust maximum 2 hours with time change during travel. Sometimes travel day can be tough but we try and take flights when Ralph naturally would be napping based upon his schedule. We hope he sleeps for a little bit during the flight but as soon as we land we treat the new time zone like ‘home’. We do whatever we can to keep him up until his next nap and then he usually ends up going to bed a little earlier and the next day we are on track! I wish I had advice for bigger time changes but we have yet to take a trip with a great time change than 2 hours with Ralph! 

I hope you all enjoyed my third Q & A and I cannot wait to do another one in the near future! xx

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