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The Hardest Things About My Pregnancy So Far

Amy havins wears ripped jeans and sandals.

Now that I am over half way done with my pregnancy (currently 21 weeks, 1 day), I wanted to get a little more real about how this process has been for me.

While I have had a DREAM pregnancy compared to my friends, there are still things that have been really hard for me. No, I have not had any morning sickness, I have been able to work out regularly, I am still wearing my low rise jeans (no more high rise) and I have not had any


Happy Weekend

Amy Havins shares her weekend plans and the best weekend sales.

Happy weekend everyone! It’s amazing to me that not only is it November but another week has flown by! I cannot even believe that Thanksgiving is in 20 days. Yikes.

Besides the normal ‘work things’ (e-mails, 3 events, 5 photoshoots), this week was fairly normal. I have been fighting getting sick since last week, so I have made sure to get in bed early and get as much rest as possible.


10 Fall Makeup Must-Haves

Amy Havins shares her fall makeup must haves with Nordstrom.

Since fall is finally here (well according to the calendar, not the temperature), I wanted to share some of my favorite fall makeup must-haves from Nordstrom. As someone who loves to add new products and continue to buy the same ones, I decided to break down my 10 fall makeup must-haves that you need now.

For me, I love to purchase makeup that I know will last me a long time because continually buying makeup that does not last gets really expensive! These products that I found