The Best Make Up Brushes

The Best makeup brushes.

Today I was cleaning my make up brushes for the first time in far too long and as I was cleaning them I realized that I had never shared what make up brushes I use.  I would not put myself in the beauty expert category but when it comes to brushes I can say with confidence that I have found the best make up brushes around....


Is the Dyson Hair Dryer worth the money???

dyson hair dryer

Is the Dyson hair dryer worth the money??? This is something I asked myself for years. Of course I knew Dyson makes quality products (I love our vacuum) but I wasn’t sure if spending $400 on a hair dryer made sense or would even be worth it.


How I Style My Hair

One of the most asked questions I get is ‘how do you fix your hair?’. While I am not going to pretend to be a hair expert, I will share with you all how I personally do my hair and what I have found that works for me.

These are the only things you need…well besides hairspray (I use this kind), to get that ‘Big Texas Hair’…a.k.a. Volume & Curls! I have found that this blow dryer does the trick FAST and these rollers (the 5 pack is my favorite because