Favorite Swim Brand + Pregnancy Update

favorite swim suit

I cannot believe that Monday I will be 18 weeks. 18!!! How on earth has this gone by so fast? If you remember about 6 weeks ago we were out of town (pre-pandemic) and I announced that I was pregnant via this blog post with baby number two (I was 12 weeks at the time). Well fast forward 6 weeks, with 5 of those weeks spent at home and now we are to week 18....


The Easiest Way to De-Puff Your Face at Home

ice roller

It’s no secret that I love facials. I have been seeing my esthetician, Amanda Stedman, every few weeks for a little over four years. Not only is she one of my favorite humans, she is also one of the best estheticians in Dallas (she is currently at Eleven Wellness) and has the BEST recommendations.

As someone who more times than not has a puffy face (literally I can eat a french fry and my cheeks will get puffy…but really), Amanda suggested that I use this ice roller and these beverage chilling wands (yes, you read that correctly)....


Blue Striped Shirtdress

Amy Havins wears a blue and white striped shirtdress.

I cannot believe that this is my last outfit that I am posting while I was pregnant. It’s so insane looking back at all of these outfits over the last 9 months where you can see my bump get bigger and bigger.While it did take me a really long time to ‘pop’ once my bump really REALLY showed up (about week 36) my bump was large and in charge!