Happy Weekend

Amy Havins shares her weekend plans and the best weekend sales. Happy weekend everyone! It’s amazing to me that not only is it November but another week has flown by! I cannot even believe that Thanksgiving is in 20 days. Yikes.

Besides the normal ‘work things’ (e-mails, 3 events, 5 photoshoots), this week was fairly normal. I have been fighting getting sick since last week, so I have made sure to get in bed early and get as much rest as possible. I think it’s the weather that is making me feel this way. One day it is 85 and the next it’s 65. My body doesn’t know how to adjust! I am just thankful to have the next couple of days to hopefully relax and get back to 100%.

Do you all have any fun things on your calendar for this weekend? Besides celebrating one of my besties 30th birthdays, we really do not have too much on the calendar! I hope you all have the most wonderful weekend. xx

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