My third Q & A

amy havins answers questions in her third q & aThis is only the third Q & A I have ever done on my blog (you can read the first one here and the second one here) but every time I do this I love it even more. For me, I feel like I share a lot but I always forget that you guys only get to ‘see’ about 60 seconds of my entire day. Majority of the time it’s a little sneak peek of a piece of clothing, my baby or something in the house but I don’t always get to answer your specific questions.

Every so often I ask on Instagram for you guys to ‘ask’ me anything and I will answer the first 10 questions that I receive. I promise I will keep up with these Q & A posts a bit more but for now enjoy my third ever Q & A!

My Third Q & A

  • How do you deal with the turf with your dog? Do you prefer it to real grass? Turf can be treated just like real grass. We still have our sprinkler system, so the grass gets ‘washed’ and of course we pick up after the puppies but we did that when we had real grass so there is no difference in terms of maintenance (well no mowing the grass). Turf is clean, bug free and much nicer (in my opinion).
  • What is Ralph eating these days? At our 8 month peditrition appointment, she told us to give Ralph whatever we are eating. While I don’t give him EVERYTHING we are eating (trying to keep it semi-clean), he eats everything from fish, eggs, avocado, cheese, fruit, oatmeal, yogurt and lots of other things. He still is not totally into ‘real food’ but we are trying three times a day!
  • How has your blog changed since having Ralph? Has your vision changed at all? I would say that my blog has become more focused on my personal life. I feel more comfortable sharing ‘more’ than I have in the past. 
  • What is one current fashion/shoe/bag trend you just cannot get on board with?! SMALL SUNGLASSES. That is a hard no from me.
  • How did you meet your husband? How long were you together before getting married? And how long were you married before Ralph? You can read the full post on how Wade and I met here! We were together almost 2 years before we got married (a year and a half before we got engaged) and we had been married 6 years when Ralph was born!
  • What kind of (face) roller are you using? I use this face roller and I LOVE it.
  • What do you typically eat in a day? It really depends on the day because every single day is different for me. For example on Saturday I wake up and have an RX bar. That is followed by avocado toast with poached eggs and a side of bacon post work out. Later on in the day I usually have a yummy yogurt bowl from The Juice Bar and then we go to a late dinner on Saturday night! 
  • Advice for being mom shamed for having your baby on a schedule? Being mom shamed is the worst. Everyone seems to have an opinion about how you should be doing things with YOUR baby and honestly, it does get exhausting so I feel your pain. Oh man, the schedule is an entirely different animal. I would be lying if I said my family did not get annoyed with my schedule. I mean I get it, it totally sucks to go out to dinner at 5:30 but the reality is that is my new life and what works for me and my baby. I also think it confuses them when baby Ralph is happy and giggling but it’s nap time so I put him down. They still look at me and wonder why would I put a happy baby to bed or even why would I wake him up when he is sleeping??? Well, it’s because that is the beauty of the schedule. Your baby never reaches that point of exhaustion and gets just the right amount of sleep/food/playtime to be content. To really answer your question is don’t let it bother you. Everyone will forever have a problem with any choice you make relating to your child and if you let it get to you then you would create even more stress on yourself. Having a baby is hard, so ignore everyone else and do what is best for your baby and your little family. 
  • Favorite new beauty product you’ve found this month? Or a new beauty trick?? My new favorite beauty product that I added this month is this face roller. It is truly amazing. 
  • How can one start portion control? Oh gosh, portion control. I didn’t really even mean for this to be a thing but it kind of has turned into that. Totally honest, large portions really gross me out. I will never forget getting served chicken milanese at a restaurant and it was two of the LARGEST chicken breasts laying on top of each other drowning in some sort of sauce. I remember being younger and thinking how the heck is this appetizing? Well, that’s when it started. I politely asked for a second place and cut the chicken down (ew that sentence) to probably 6 ounces and enjoyed a ‘normal’ meal. Portions are out of control these days (like I’ll pass on a Large (32 ounce) coca cola and just order the small). My dinner plates usually consist of 4-6 ounces of a main (fish or chicken for me) and lots of sides. I just think portions are all about balance and not feeling like you have to clear your plate. Totally my definition of portion control but that is what works for me! 

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