My Second Q & A

Q&ALast month I did my first ever Q & A (you can read the post here) and I was so pleased with the response that I received that I decided to do it again this month! While I did get A LOT of questions, I decided that I just would take the first 10 that had not already been asked (I get lots of the same questions and questions that I have already answered in the Q&A so I wanted to make sure they were different this time).

My Second Q & A

  • Do you plan flights for when Ralph should be napping or his awake time? The previous flights we have taken with Ralph I have planned around his meals/up time because after that happens he goes to sleep! His schedule changed AGAIN a few weeks ago (I will post his new schedule soon but in the meantime you can read the latest post on his schedule) so the next flight we take it will be during his ‘up time’ not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing…I’ll have to let you know! Also, I previously did blog posts on traveling with a baby. You can read the one I did on traveling with a six month old baby here and traveling with a new baby here.
  • How did you get in shape after baby? This is a question that I have gotten A LOT post baby. I got in shape after baby because I worked out DURING pregnancy. I never believed anyone that told me I would get back in shape post baby because I had never gone through the process before. Now that I am on the other side, the reason I was able to get back in shape post baby is because I worked out DURING pregnancy. Yes, I was tired. Yes, I felt like I was carrying around a bowling ball but I still went. Somedays I worked out harder than others, somedays I would just go and lay on the yoga mat. Thankfully I did really have an easier pregnancy, so I was able to work out until the day before I had the baby! Working out really helped me recover quickly and I was even cleared to start working out again 4 weeks after Ralph was born. Of course I eased back into it but I was just thankful to be back in classes. Last fall I actually did a full blog post on why I chose to work out during pregnancy that you can read here!
  • Any tips for staying healthy and preventing weight gain during pregnancy? As much as you probably don’t want to hear this weight gain is inevitable during pregnancy. My doctor told me that I should gain 25-35 pounds. I ended up gaining 26 pounds during pregnancy and it’s crazy but 5 days after the baby was born I was already down 19 pounds. It literally just disappears. My biggest tip for staying healthy during pregnancy is try and make yourself do an activity at least 5 times a week (a walk, a spin class, yoga/etc) and eat in moderation. Of course I had pizza (I have pizza pregnant or not pregnant at least once a week) but instead of eating the entire thing, maybe limit yourself to 1-2 slices and a big salad. Or when you go out for ice cream maybe get the small instead of the medium. For me, it’s all about moderation and not depriving yourself from your favorite things. I would rather have whatever I wanted in moderation than just eat like a rabbit and then binge eat the stuff you probably shouldn’t eat all the time.
  • What was your inspiration for ralphs nursery? Ralph’s first nursery (we just moved) was the last room we did in our old house so we went ALL OUT (you can see the photos here). As far as inspiration, I really just wanted a calm and classic space that had hints of blue and white. At the point in time had been working with our designer for almost two years so she knew EXACTLY what I should have. I could not have done that space without her. Ralph’s NEW room is just as adorable but instead of doing the exact same thing, we opted for a more ‘little boy’ blue and white horizontal stripe (you can see a photo here) instead of the previous paper. His new nursery is still a work in progress and I cannot wait to share it once it’s done!
  • You talk a lot about your scheudle and organization seems to play a big role in your life. Have you always had a schedule? How did you get started and did you have a schedule pre baby? This may sound crazy but if I did not have a scheudle or was not organized I would go crazy. To me, I love knowing what my day is going to look like and when I can get things done. My entire life I have always had a scheudule. Funny enough 
  • What do you do with all of Ralph’s clothes that he outgrows? Ralph has SOOO many clothes that he has already out grown. What I did is I saved a little over half of the items if we eventually have another baby and I donated the other half! 
  • How did you find your passion/did you know what you wanted to do right out of college? I did not know what I wanted to do right after college. I knew I wanted to do something in the fashion industry but I really was not sure what. To read about my career path, click here.
  • How did Wade propose to you? Wade actually proposed in Vegas. I was on a business trip the week before in Orange County and so at the end of the week when I was supposed to fly home, we decided to just meet in Vegas for the weekend (We LOVE Vegas and have probably been at least 25 times since we have been together). I was actually getting ready for dinner and Wade just asked me to marry him. It was exactly how I would want it, just the two of us. We spent the rest of the weekend celebrating and it is a weekend I will always remember. To read about how Wade and I met, you can click here!
  • What made y’all decide to move? It’s weird but we are ALWAYS looking at houses. Wade and I love doing home projects together. The house we moved into last week popped up middle of January and we decided to just go for it. 
  • Do you do any type of nighttime or nap/routine soothing techniques to help put him down to sleep? We actually don’t. Ralph is REALLY easy to put down for a nap and at night. We play A LOT during his up times, so once I put him in his sleep sack (we use this one), he just ‘knows’ it’s time for bed. I just put him in his crib, turn on the sound machine (we use a sound app on an old iPhone) and leave the room. I put a couple SMALL knit toys in his crib, so sometimes he plays by himself for a little bit before he falls asleep and other days he just passes right out! He’s just so used to his schedule that he knows once he gets in that crib it’s time to go to sleep!

I had so much fun answering all of your questions and I cannot wait to do another Q & A soon! xx

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