My First Ever Q & A

Amy Havins wears red, white and blue from white house black market.I cannot believe that I have had this little space on the internet for almost 7 years and I have never done a Q & A. Over the years I have gotten a lot of questions and I have tried my best to answer them but I always feel like the majority of the time when one person has a question usually someone else does too.

If you follow me on Instagram you know that last week I put on my Instagram stories that I was going to do my first ever Q & A. I will admit that I was a little nervous even asking for questions because totally honest, I was not sure anyone would want to ask any questions. Much to my surprise, I got an overwhelming about of questions. All lovely in their own way. To keep it ‘fair’ I just decided to take the first 10. Depending on how this Q & A goes, I will do it again and open it up to more questions (so if you do have one, just e-mail me). I will say, I LOVED getting such a wide range of questions!!

My First Ever Q & A

  • Since you’re blessed with such an easy and happy baby (we are too thankfully!!) what parts of motherhood do you find most challenging? I would say one of the hardest parts of motherhood (so far) is balance. I could literally spend every single second with Ralph. Being a mom is one of the most satisfying things ever and I am so obsessed with my baby!! So to answer your question; finding balance has been the biggest struggle. I know that spending every single second with Ralph is not good for him or me. I want to work, I want to do things around the house, I want to spend alone time with Wade. So for me finding the perfect amount of balance to accomplish all of these things has been a bit of struggle but I am getting better because trust me when I say I could literally be with Ralph 24 hours a day.
  • How do you balance eating out/drinking and eating healthy. I know you work out but diet is such a big part of fitness and you’re clearly doing something right! One of the biggest things for me is portion control. I do eat what I want but it is ALWAYS in moderation. When we go to dinner or order in; I always try to pick the better of the worse options. I have to say that these days portions are disgusting. You can literally order a piece of fish and it’s soooo huge. I usually just order a salad and sides and have a normal size portion of fish or meat alongside my meal (this means that I just take off of Wade’s plate and he still has a healthy portion too).
  • When you travel with the doona do you take the base? or Just use the seat belt to strap it in? We don’t take the base. We just strap it in and go!
  • How did you get baby Ralph to nap on schedule? I can’ get my little one to fall asleep when I want her to. Practice. We have stuck to that schedule like it’s nobodies business (and have gotten a lot of sh*t for doing so along the way). At first when he was adjusting to his schedule, some naps he would just lay awake in his crib but when it’s time for him to be ‘up’ I got him up. Yes, he would be cranky but he soon learned that when he was in his bed, that’s when he gets to rest! 
  • What is Wade’s profession? He is in oil & gas
  • What is in wade’s latte? a single shot of espresso, skim milk and organic vanilla coffee creamer
  • Did you have to let ralph cry it out? Yes and it was so sad but at the time I knew that it would only benefit him.
  • Where is a good place to get decent priced and good quality sweaters? I have learned that when it comes to sweaters, you get what you pay for. What I do in order to get a great sweater but not pay full price is get them on sale. Neimans always has great sales on sweaters. So does Theory!!
  • Will y’all have more kids? One more…maybe. 
  • I’m petite and have the hardest time finding bras that fit properly. Any suggestions on brands or stores that work for you? You are speaking my language with this question! I love Xirena or if I need an actual ‘bra’ this one is my ALL TIME favorite.

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