How Wade and I Met

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Last week I wrote a more personal blog post mentioning some things that you may not know about me. I will admit that I was a bit nervous to publish something that was more ‘journal’ like but after the amazingly positive response that I got to the post I thought I would continue this ‘coffee like’ talk. I got a handful of comments and e-mails from readers (love this btw) and one reader (hi Maggie) commented that I should post about how Wade and I met.

It’s funny how you get wrapped up in your own little world and you just assume people know things about you but in reality they don’t. You probably don’t know that I lived in Argentina for 4 months or that I have 3 tattoos (supes edgy let me tell you 😉 ). With that being said this comment really struck me because after all of these years, I have never actually taken to time to write a post about how Wade and I met. I’ve done a couple of posts about our wedding (you can also see the video here) and Wade has even made a few appearance on this blog (here, here & here) but like I said above, I have never told the story of how we met.

I have always said that people come into your life for a reason. As you know there are always good times and bad times and people just show up when you least expect them to and you then realize how have you lived without them in your life? Well, that’s exactly how Wade was for me. It was December 2008 of my senior year at Baylor University and one of my favorite people in the world was in Waco before school got out for the holidays (holiday parties were what my house lived for). Since our house made every excuse to throw some sort of get-together/party the Victorias Secret Fashion show was on and so we were having people over. Our friend Matt who was visiting asked if he could invite his friend Wade over and of course we didn’t care. The more the merrier.

Well Wade ended up coming to our house (and brought whataburger for everyone) and we really hit it off. Not in a ‘I like you’ kind of way, in the way that we both knew that we had a lot in common and could be friends, plus he brought whataburger and that was awesome (#latenight..oh college). The fashion show ended, everyone hung out a bit longer and then everyone went home. A couple of nights later my roommates and I were throwing our big holiday party and we told our sweet friend Matt to make sure to include Wade because we all had so much fun with him a couple of nights before. Wade showed up, I saw him for a bit at the party and during the time we did hang out, we swapped numbers so we could hang out sometime.

Well you guys, after that night we never really stopped hanging out. It was not love at first sight, it was best friend kind of vibes at first sight (if that even makes sense). Wade and I would talk all.the.time. and everything. He ended up staying at my parents house for a couple of nights over the holiday break, but again, just friend status (which was so much fun).

At the start of the new semester, we continued to text non stop. You can ask my roommates how annoyed they probably got because without fail every single morning I would get a text message from Wade. They would always laugh and be like ‘Wade’s awake’. Our friendship continued to develop, we would constantly hang out and talk about whatever was going on (I had a lot going on in my personal life at the time because my parents were getting separated). From formals, to parties, to study halls to library nights, to late night; Wade always seemed to be around or at least we always knew what the other one was doing. Still, just friends. As the semester came to an end and graduation was approaching (I graduated in August), I was decided where I wanted to do my summer internship for my LAST 3 hours of college credit.

After accepting an internship in Buenos Aires (and even booking a flight), last minute I came across a really great opportunity working for a small publication in Los Angeles. I would be helping with PR and Marketing for this fashion publication and everything just kind of fell into place. I canceled my flight to Argentina, accepted the internship in L.A.; found roommates (my neighbor across the street went to USC so I lived with her) and started packing my stuff to move home from Waco to Dallas…and then Dallas to L.A..

Now, before I continue this ‘how I met Wade’ LONGGGGG story (sorry not sorry), you are probably wondering why Los Angeles. Well as someone who is a firm believer in getting everything out of your system or you always be curios and live this ‘grass is always greener’ kind of life; I went for L.A.. I had always visited and LOVED it but I wanted to try and live there to see if I could picture myself there long term or I knew I would always ‘wonder’ if I could have made a life there. Turns out, L.A. is just a vacay destination for me, love the city but I would not prefer to live there year round.

Ok, ok. back to the Wade story. After I moved all my stuff from Waco to Dallas; I had about a week and a half before I had to be in L.A.. I knew I wanted to bring my car but the thought of driving with my mom or dad sounded miserable (no offense parents) and sweet Wade offered to drive me. Yes, Wade offered to drive me 21 hours to drop me, my car and all my stuff in L.A.. Super nice right? Of course I accepted, I adored being around him and thought it would be a fun adventure. We left at 4:30 on a Wednesday morning and headed west. You guys are going to think we are insane but we drove 17 hours in one day…from Dallas to Las Vegas. We thought it would be fun to spend a couple of nights there. Ummm, we were right because not only was that our first of well…16 trips (maybe more) to Las Vegas but it was our first and still one of my favorites. After we got our Vegas fix, we made the drive from Vegas to L.A.; Wade helped me move everything and then he spent a few more nights in L.A. just to hang. Advice to anyone…the best way to get to know someone is a car ride. If you can stand being in a car with them for HOURS, then you know you are meant to be good friends and maybe even something more.

After our little adventure, it was finally time for Wade to head back to Texas. I remember driving him to LAX, dropping him off and then getting in the car and getting sad. That was so weird because I had never even thought of Wade in ‘that way’ because for the last 6 months he had always been around but now I knew he wasn’t. We continued to text and iChat (pre-FaceTime) non-stop and I think we both just finally realized that we didn’t want to be apart from the other. We are REALLY good at hanging out and geninually enjoying being around one another.

Wade’s birthday is July 29th and my internship was ending July 31st; so for Wade’s birthday I just sent him a flight confirmation to fly to L.A. and then fly home with me on the 3rd (note: never driving 21 hours again–plus you can ship your car with all your stuff in it for like $500..worth it). Wade was so excited about this birthday gift and of course I was to. So to wrap up my ‘how I met Wade’ story, we both flew home from L.A. on August 3rd, 2009; graduated from Baylor University on August 15th, 2009, both moved to Dallas and never stopped hanging out. Wade really is the best thing that ever happened to me and I cannot imagine my life without him. So there you have it, the story how how homeboy and I met. xx

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