Happy Weekend


Happy Friday everyone! How was your week??? Ours was actually one of the better weeks we have had in a long time. I think it is because we have FINALLY figured out this ‘new’ normal. For me, grocery stores seem to be less crowded (I get really anxious when I have to wait in line to go into the store), we cooked a few of times, spent SO much time outside, watched some great movies and even visited the ducks at the park a couple of times. *Perfect week for my little family*

This week has for sure one of the most ‘stress free’ weeks we have had since shelter in place began and what made the week EVEN BETTER is that the Governor of Texas made an announcement on Monday that certain restrictions are slowly going to be lifted in phases starting today! There are still so many restrictions and we are still planning on being at home and supporting our local restaurants via curb side pick up but any restrictions being lifted is a step in the right direction in my opinion!

Our plans for this weekend are quite minimal. We plan to hang around the house (what’s new, haha) and enjoy the outdoors and this extra time we are all getting to spend together. I hope you all have the most wonderful weekend. xx


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