How to Make Wade’s Latte

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For years Wade has been putting together this latte for myself (and him) to enjoy most afternoons. I have often posted about drinking it and gotten MANY inquires about what is actually in it and today I am FINALLY sharing!

Much to all of your surprise, it is the most simple thing ever to create at home. To be honest, I prefer drinking this latte at home over most that I have had when out (or at a coffee shop). Please know that both Wade and myself know that we are not “inventing” some sort of magical coffee recipe and I am sure most of you have made something exactly like this at home but this is what we like, so I wanted to share!

I hope you all enjoy your Wade’s latte as much as I do! xx

p.s the glass I like to use is from YEARS ago but I found these that look great. Also, I often use a stemless wine glass…for some reason I LOVE drinking out of that!

Wade’s Latte


  • Nespresso Machine (or any machine that makes espresso). We use this machine and LOVE it!
  • Nespresso espresso pod (or any sort of espresso). We use this flavor of single espresso. Sometimes Wade makes a double!
  • Milk of your choice (I use whatever…everything from almond to lactose free will work)
  • Coffee creamer (or some sort of sweetener). We love Nestle Coffee Mate French Vanilla Creamer!
  • Ice


  • 1 espresso pod
  • 1 cup of milk (your choice)
  • 1 tablespoon of coffee creamer
  • ice (base amount upon how much room you have left in your glass)


  1. Put 1 tablespoon of coffee creamer in your glass
  2. Start espresso machine. I use a single espresso. This is the SECOND item that will go in your glass.
  3. Once espresso is done fill glass with 1 cup of milk (whatever kind you prefer).
  4. Stir with a straw (I love using a metal straw)
  5. Fill the remainder of the glass with ice
  6. Enjoy!

Items To Make Wade’s Latte

I told you guys it was super easy to make! I hope you get to enjoy a Wade’s latte sooner than later! Let me know what you think! xx

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