Everything I wore In Miami

Last week my little family went to Miami for a few days to get some sunshine and spend quality family time together. We stayed at the 1 Hotel for the first time and I cannot say enough great things. It is perfectly for a family holiday. We had a spacious room which was great because Ralph loves to run around!

We spent the majority of our days switching between the pool and the beach. We were there a total of three nights which was the perfect amount of time to be away! The first time we were a little tired, so we just had a late lunch upon arrival and then snacked in our room later that night (the hotel went grocery shopping for us because we had a full kitchen in our room). The second night Wade and I went to our favorite restaurant, Casa Tua, and enjoyed a nice evening just the two of us. The third night we all went to Cecconi’s at Soho House for a fun family night out. While we did snag the 6:30 reservation because Ralph was with us, after dinner and after Ralph went to bed, Wade and I enjoyed time together downstairs at the hotel bar (our nanny was upstairs with Ralph).

While we were gone I got SO many messages to link my outfits for the trip, so I have broken it down below. Please know that some things were sold out, so I have selected similar pieces! Honestly, it was one of the easiest trips I’ve ever packed for because I only packed what I would need!

Two things that I got asked about the MOST were the flats I wore in the photo above (they are from Christian Dior) and the puddle jumper cover (floaty cover) that Ralph wore all week at the pool/beach (you can get it here!!!). I actually got Ralph’s floaty cover before he turned one but this is the first time he has ever wanted/been comfortable wearing one (he’s 2 1/2) so they don’t have the exact one in stock anymore but I really do love this color!

Flight Outfit

Afternoon Lunch by the Pool

Jammies for 3 Nights

First Full Day Pool/Beachside

Dinner at Casa Tua

Second Full Day Pool/Beach

Dinner at Cecconi’s

Last Full Day Pool/Beach

Flight Home Outfit

When it comes to packing, I love bringing the least amount possible. It makes me get ready faster (less options) and re-wear things throughout the trip! I hope this makes packing for your next holiday easy! xx

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