May Q & A


It is hard to believe that it has been an entire month (click here to read) since my last Q & A. Where has the time gone?? The last month our time has been spent baking, picking up to-go meals, and finding random projects around the house to keep us busy. Not complaining whatsoever, it’s just really hard to believe that time has gone by surprisingly fast and we have literally not been doing anything (or seeing anyone!).

Last Friday (three days ago), shelter in place got lifted in Texas. It means that (some) restaurants are open at 25% capacity, retail is back open (at 25% capacity) and  you are not required to stay in your home anymore but they do recommend that you still do. As someone who doesn’t live life on the edge, we are still playing by the rules and just staying home. Not going to lie, I am DYING to go to a restaurant but being in a restaurant with only 10-15 other people with some sort of barrier stresses me out more than just picking up the same meal curbside and enjoying it in the comfort of my own home….so we are going to wait longer to really venture out (being home all the time is the new normal for us).

Okay, now the real reason you are even reading here….my Q & A. I normally wait a bit longer to do these but I feel like now that everyone has been home, you guys have more questions than ever (which I love), so I wanted to do another Q & A to try and answer as much as possible. I do want to add that I am so sorry if I did not get to your question, I get a crazy amount of questions and I try to go through and select the *most* asked but sometimes I do accidentally miss some! So here you go…my May Q & A! Enjoy. xx

May Q & A

  • Biggest pet peeve? I have said this before but my biggest pet peeve are people who are late or when I am running late. For me, I plan my day (shocking I know), so when someone says they are going to be at the house at a certain time or meet somewhere and they are late it drives me crazy because I set aside time for them/activity and then majority of the time have something scheduled after. Okay, you get it…clearly it drives me crazy when people are late! 
  • How old are you? I am 33 (I’ll be 34 on August 31st)
  • Your skin routine? I need to do an entire blog post dedicated to my full skin care routine but last month I did a post on what products I use at night on my face that you can click here to read!
  • What’s something you plan to do different with little Viv than you did with Ralph? I am really not sure at this point as we have not met her yet! We do really like the way we are doing things with Ralph, so I don’t foresee too much of a difference??? I guess one thing that is activity based will be ballet. For sure signing baby girl up whenever she is old enough!
  • Where did you find Ralph’s golf cart? If you search “toddler golf cart” it’s literally the first thing that pops up! You can get it here.
  • What’s your workout routine right like right now? Since we have been in quarantine, my workout routine has consisted of spin 5-6 days a week and usually a long walk on Sunday. For sure more time than I usually dedicate to spinning (I usually only spin twice a week and fill in the rest of the days with yoga) but we have a Peloton at the house, so I have been using it to keep my body moving and relieve quarantine stress!
  • Thoughts on summer travel? I think this is such a personal decision and you have to do what works best for you and your family. For us in Texas, non essential travel is still not recommend, so we are staying in Dallas for now but if something changes (and the place we would go changes their rules), we *might* be traveling. I will say that I am not getting my hopes up because travel in the third trimester is not an option for me, so the window of travel for me in general is getting smaller and smaller.
  • Where was the last restaurant you ate at and do you plan to eat out when restrictions get lifted? Me, Wade & Ralph at Bubba’s Chicken on Sunday, March 15th. This was like RIGHT before things really went on lockdown in Texas. It’s weird looking back on that dinner because we had no idea what was about to happen/go on in the world.  The shelter at home restriction has been lifted in Texas and now you are able to dine-in (at 25% capacity). To be honest, I really don’t want to go out to eat yet. I am still nervous about all of this (especially since I am pregnant), so we are choosing to continue to stay at home as much as possible. MAYBE we will dine out in a couple of weeks if things get better but I don’t want to rush anything, so for now we will continue to cook at home and pick up to-go food from our favorite local spots.
  • What are you most excited about having a girl? As much as I don’t like change, I really am excited for the change/challenge of having a little girl. I think having one of each will be so much fun for us. Plus, I LOVE little boys clothing but I don’t think my brain is processing how much fun I am going to have with little girls clothes!
  • What do you eat in a day? It really depends on the day but as of late it has been some sort of breakfast bar in the morning with my coffee, lunch is usually a sandwich, fruit + chips and dinner is kind of whatever everyone else wants (we cook some sort of fish, mexican dish or pick up anything from pizza to american food).
  • How are your spirits during quarantine? Gloomy, positive, ups & downs???? I have really been all over the place. Somedays I feel like it’s the best day ever and others I just have so much anxiety that I want to just cry. I will say that this last week has been the ‘best week’ that I have had so far. I attribute it to finally getting used to this ‘new normal’ of face makes, not seeing friends, lines to get into grocery stores and not dining in restaurants. I know it sounds silly but when you are used to a certain thing and it literally is taken away without even an option, it really does take a minute to get used to (at least that is how I feel)
  • Purchase that you are happy with and purchase that you regret? I would say the purchases that I am happiest with are my bags. I have thoughtfully added to my collection over the years and nothing has been impulsive so I feel like all of my purchases make sense for me. The purchases that I regret the most are printed jeans (jeans with designs on them) and gray jeans. I have yet to see a photo of me in a printed/gray or colored jean that I actually like…for me, it’s black, denim and white only.
  • What is the weirdest questions you have ever received? Honestly, I think the most bizarre question that I get more than you would think is “what do you do for work”. While I do love what I do (being a digital influencer), creating content and being online is still a job for me (plus majority of the things that I do for my platform, Dallas Wardrobe, you would never even know are happening…it is SO much behind the scenes to make it all look effortless). It is for sure not normal hours and def not for everyone but I have been doing this for 9 years now (yes, NINE) and I love it so so much.
  • Do you feel like your style has changed or just evolved? If so, why? I would say Yes? I think everyones style evolves in one way or another. I mean I don’t dress the way I did in high school or college anymore but I attribute that to just growing older. For me, having a baby really changed my style once and for all. I would say that I buy more practically (think shoes) and I also wear so much more denim/dress more casually. While I do love nothing more than a party dress, for me a great pair of jeans and a beautiful blouse make more sense because I can wear it with a cute pair of sneakers or a snazzy sandal/heel. 
  • What baby books did you read when you were pregnant with Ralph? I am not sure how this answer will really go over but I did not read one book. Everyone told me not to stress and read books because the minute you hold your baby you will literally know what to do and it is SO true. I also had a c-section with Ralph and will also have one with Vivienne and I have NEVER googled (and never plan to) what happens during. I’m a big believer in ignorance is bliss and that we as people have so much intuition and common sense that we will know what to do/how to react. 
  • Did you get any good boy potty training tips? I got about 50% saying to just do it in three days and the other 50% said to wait until your baby is read. For us we let Ralph let us know when he was ready to sleep in a big boy bed and the transition was seamless, so we are planning to do the same with potty training. Yes we talk about it and even yesterday he told me that ‘everyone goes poo poo in the potty’ so clearly he is starting to process. We are just going to let him do it on his own time in hopes that it will be as EASY as transitioning him to his big boy bed (if you missed how we did that, click here!)
  • How many children do you plan on having? We are done after baby girl arrives. Of course we are OVER THE MOON to have a little boy and a little girl but regardless of what baby #2’s gender was, we were done after two babies!
  • What are your thoughts about fillers and botox? I do both (not while pregnant of course), so I guess I am a fan? Again, personally decision and you do whatever makes you happy.
  • How did you know you were ready for baby #2? I don’t even know if we are ready (are you ever?) but we did know that if we had a choice, we wanted our kids to be a maximum of three grades apart so they would overlap with certain things and hopefully have a good relationship with being not too far apart in age…def sliding into home with that one (they will be exactly three grades apart…think senior in high school and freshman in high school).
  • When/how did you add a pillow and blanket to Ralph’s crib before moving him out? I can’t remember exactly when he actually started using the little blankets we put in his crib (maybe around 2??). In regards to the pillow add, we never added one, he just “knew” what to do when he decided he was ready to be in a big boy bed (he sleeps in a twin bed now).
  • How did you guys go about picking Ralph’s school? We asked friends who had already gone through the process for recommendations. We toured/applied to two and although we got into both, we knew after touring both schools which one would be a better fit for Ralph and our family. 
  • How would you describe your style? classic + effortless (not edgy whatsoever)
  • How long are your daily workouts? It really depends on the day??? I would say 30-60 minutes
  • Favorite easy recipes? Since we have had shelter in place in Texas that I feel like I have been cooking SO much more. Recently I shared some of my favorite recipes on my blog! 
  • Where do you get your custom cups from??? I get EVERYTHING from this Etsy shop. Tammy is the BEST to work with (she has done every cup/napkin/etc for the last 3 years) and is so creative!
  • Top things you need to buy for a newborn? Currently I am working on a list of things I need to purchase for Vivienne and will do a FULL post on this. *BUT* When Ralph was three months old I did a blog post on “Our Current Favorite Things For Ralph” and the more I look at it, there really isn’t too much I would add/change but I will update soon! Click here to read the post I did for Ralph
  • Did baby Ralph take golf lessons If so, where? Nope! We took him on the golf course for the first time around 4 months, he showed interest around 11 months (watching Wade or the golf channel) and then around 13 months we got him a little set of plastic clubs and he has been obsessed ever since. It’s literally the weirdest thing because we have never pushed it (nor will we ever push him), he just likes it…a lot.
  • Are Golden Goose worth the money? I have one pair of golden goose and while I do like them, my personal opinion is that if you are going to spend the money on an everyday sneaker, I would buy a pair of classic Gucci sneakers. Like I said, I have both and I always end up reaching for my Gucci sneakers as opposed to my Golden Goose.
  • Favorite stores for affordable clothing? I would say J.Crew because they ALWAYS have sales or Neimans. Now before you think negative thoughts for me saying Neimans, they have the BEST sales. If you wait sometimes they have 65-75% off. If you buy smart, you can end up with pieces that will last so much longer than any sort of fast fashion. To me, less is more with clothing and I am not an impulsive shopper. I actually only buy on a ‘per event’ basis but those purchases are always thought out so I can wear them time after time (cost per wear is a big factor in my purchases). 
  • Future travel plans after covid? As of right now we have ZERO trips planned. Literally my American Airlines app says “you have no upcoming trips”. As you know we are having a little girl in September, so my travel ‘time’ is already limited since I do not live life on the edge (third trimester travel is not an option for me). Maybe if CDC guidelines gift lifted we will be able to go to Idaho but as of now, it it not looking like it. *not complaining as we would rather be safe and healthy than risk ANYTHING, especially since I am pregnant*
  • How did you sleep train Ralph? We had a night nanny that sleep trained him. We also were SO strict and still are strict with keeping him on a schedule. Although it is so much easier now, at the beginning we were slaves to the schedule but it is so worth it because he is so easy to put to bed, sleeps SO good and is just overall a happy/easy kid. Some don’t do schedules (and that is perfect if that is what is best for you) but for us, schedules are KEY. A happy content baby = an easy baby. I actually posted ALL of Ralph’s schedules until 18 months, so if you click here you can read his 18 month schedule but scroll to the bottom and it has every schedule based on months at the bottom of the post. Oh and YES, we did (and still do) wake him even when he was sleeping to keep him on a schedule! 
  • Where do you find your recipes? Google (you can literally search ANYTHING you want to make and hundreds of options come up) or my friend Rachel’s blog, Food Life Love!
  • How are you feeling? Pregnancy wise I am feeling good majority of the time. Yes, I still get tired and she is starting to move around A LOT more and so sometimes it gets a little tight but I know those are small things compared to what some go through. So far, I am grateful to have an easy and healthy pregnancy (I’m 20 weeks today). Quarantine wise, I’m okay. Like I have said previously, somedays are better than others (rollercoaster of emotions over here). I am just so thankful that I get to spend this sweet *extra* time with my Schwade and my little Ralphie, especially since baby girl arrives in September!
  • What golf bag does Wade use? Wade uses a Stitch golf bag. He has a black one and did have it personalized (it’s an option when you check out). He loves the bag because it’s structured and still on the lighter side. He says it’s a good “cart or carry bag”.
  • Do you wash your hair after every work out? Yes! Since I use a space heater and wear either the top or the bottom of a hot suit, I sweat a lot!
  • What percentage of your closet is gifted vs what do you pay for? I would say 99% of my closet I have paid for. 
  • Do you wear the hot suit for spinning and yoga and did you buy just for quarantine? Since I prefer to really sweat during my work outs, I bought this hot suit for quarantine since I no longer would be able to attend spin classes or yoga classes. I’ve actually only been doing the Peloton (yes, I recommend buying one) at home, so I’ve been wearing either the top or the bottom of the hot suit with my normal work out clothes (if that makes sense). Even post quarantine and if group work out settings ever open again, I will still use the hot suit for at home work outs! * Also, yes I am pregnant and I do heated work outs. I have been doing heated workouts for 9+ years, so pregnant or not there is not difference for me. Please consult with your own doctor (not me), if you are wondering if the hot suit is for you during your own pregnancy*
  • Do you change furniture and decor with each house? I love blue and white and I noticed you do too! I hate saying this but the answer is yes and no? I feel like our current home is less traditional than our old (click here to see a home tour of our old house). I would say the “best” answer that I can give you is that we have evolved? With each house we do keep as much as possible but at the end of the day, sometimes rugs, couches (the size) and window treatments don’t carry over from house to house because the measurements are different!
  • How old were you when you got married? How did Wade propose? I was 24 (almost 25) when I got married. This summer Wade and I will be celebrating our ninth wedding anniversary (June 25th and I cannot believe that it has been nine years! Wild to think all that has changed, where we gotten to travel together and what we have accomplished as individuals and as a couple. A few years ago I did a blog post (that you can read here) on how Wade and I met! The short version of Wade proposing was that I was in L.A. on a work trip, I looked at the Dave Matthews Band schedule and saw they were playing in Vegas the next weekend. I suggested (yes me), that instead of me going back to Dallas after my work trip that we just meet in Vegas for a fun weekend. He said that sounded great and long story short, I was getting ready for dinner the first night we were there and Wade started saying the nicest things, I felt like I was in a rush so I just kept responding (while still applying make up) and all of the sudden turn around and he is standing there with a ring. I have NEVER been so shocked in my entire life. SO SHOCKED (especially because I had casually suggested the last minute trip). At this point in time we had probably been to Vegas together maybe 3-4 times and to this day the two of us have probably gone together 28-30 times??? I know, it sounds insane but we have the best time together in Las Vegas, it’s one of our ‘places’. We stay up late, play cards, enjoy long dinners, the spas, all the shopping and really just each other. Funny enough one of my FAVORITE Vegas trips the two of us took together was when I was 7 months pregnant. It was so last minute, I felt like shit but we went anyways, just the two of us. Yes we spent the majority of the time laughing at my swollen feet (literally had to buy shoes because my feet were so swollen) but we really just love going there together. For me, Vegas is one of those places that we just love going together!
  • Ralph seems so happy! Can you elaborate more on your style of parenting? I love it. First off, thank you! We really are trying our best (like everyone else). Ralph is such a happy kid (and always has been) since the beginning. I attribute him being content to him always being on a schedule. I am not really sure how to describe our style of parenting, so I decided to ask one of my besties, Kristin. Kristin said “We try and not say no but redirect. We are strict but kind and we stick to our words…no means no”. I will add that we always like to give Ralph choices. For example he can “sit in time out or he can do what we have asked of him”. So far, only one time he picked time out and he was so annoyed with us he hasn’t done that since. We also do not make a big deal about things (sweets, screen time, etc). I feel like the bigger deal you make out of something the more they “want” it.  I also am realistic in that this is all new to us and that we are going to have to adjust along the way as Ralph (and Vivienne) grow up. At the end of the day we want to rise NICE kids. The kids that are polite, pick up after themselves and who are helpful. TBD if that happens…
  • Are you going to Idaho this summer and what do you do with the house the other 9 months out of the year? We *hope* we get to go but it is still so up in the air. We are following the CDC guidelines as far as travel goes (non essential travel is not recommended at this time) and depending on when/if that gets lifted I may or may not be able to travel anymore (I don’t travel in my third trimester). The other 9 months out of the year the house just hangs out, haha. The Idaho house is in a summer community, so the clubhouse and amenities are open mid-May to September.
  • Favorite new quarantine activities? Family neighborhood walks, baking, joy rides (reminds me of high school), Chick-Fil-A diet lemonade runs, making dinner with my family, movie nights, playing cards and organizing (I feel like I have organized/cleaned out just about every space in our house)
  • I’m pregnant with #2. What are your thoughts on shower/registry for #2? Too much? I am always pro you-do-you but I will say I am not doing a baby registry or having a baby shower. 
  • Does Wade’s family also live in Dallas? They don’t! They live in a teeny tiny town a little over three hours away from Dallas.
  • 5 things every woman should have in their closet?
  • What did you do before becoming an influencer? Click here to read a blog post on my career path!
  • How do you stay on top of everything? Do you have help with household to-dos? I am extremely organized and operate on a schedule, which helps me dedicate time to everything that I need to accomplish in a day (Wade, Ralph, work, a work out, preparing lunch/dinner, household tasks/etc)  Yes, we do have help but that doesn’t change how we pick up or keep our home. It’s funny but I always get asked how we keep our house so clean. We ALWAYS pick up (I cannot stand to leave a mess, thankfully neither can Wade), beds are made every morning (Ralph knows the drill now too), laundry is done daily (a full hamper is a no go), dishes are put in the dish washer (it’s RIGHT next to the sink..just take 1 extra second and put in the dishwasher) and we don’t keep a lot of extra stuff. If we don’t use it, we donate it (that goes for every aspect of our house). I even make Ralph clean out his toys on the regular (he also only has toys in his playroom so his bedroom is always tidy). 

Okay, this was FOR SURE one of my longer Q & A’s so I applaud you if you made it through the entire thing. I am SO sorry if I did not get to your question, I really tried to get to to most asked but if I did miss something, please ask below and I will respond!!! Have the most wonderful Monday friends and I hope you all are staying safe. xx

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