The Best $27 I’ve Ever Spent

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I remember when I was little my grandmother had a selection of muumuu dresses that she would wear around the house. She would wear them when we would be casually hanging out or when she was getting ready for something. I never really understood the joys of a house dress until now.

The term “house dress” has become extremely common for me the last 6 weeks since we have been sheltering in place at home. Like I said above, I never really understood when I was little why my grandmother had to many but now I 100% understand why….because they are SO comfortable and they also allow you to feel a little more put together even when you are just lounging around the house.

I am SUPER late to the game on this dress but last fall I finally ordered this house dress to add to my closet and I never wore it until sheltering in place became a thing. Guys, I am obsessed. This dress is extremely forgiving and so comfortable. The best part about this dress??? The price…it’s $27! Talk about a bang for your buck!

I ordered a couple more versions of this dress to have to wear around the house (and maybe even grocery store runs towards the end of my pregnancy). Highly recommend you add a cute house dress to your wardrobe, it’s amazing how much better you feel wearing something like this around the house!

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