Happy Weekend

Amy Havins wears Lilly Pulitizer shoes and white jeans.

Happy Memorial Day weekend friends! Who else is looking forward to the LONG weekend ahead? There is something so nice about going into a weekend, knowing that Monday is a holiday. It always makes Sunday THAT much more enjoyable!

Since I am now 8 months pregnant and travel is not advised by my doctor (I do not live life on the edge), we are staying in Dallas for the holiday. As much as well love being out of town, I am not going to lie, it has been really nice staying in Dallas the last month and just enjoying the city and of course our house!

Today Wade and I are going to go to the Colonial to watch a little golf and then grab a casual bite with friends tonight. Tomorrow will consist of spin class, our traditional post work out breakfast with Jack & Kristin and then a fun dinner Saturday night! I am really hoping to get a little pool time over the weekend….fingers crossed it doesn’t rain!

Besides a somewhat relaxing long weekend ahead, I am hoping to get a little more organizing done. It’s such a weird feeling looking at my ‘to do’ list and there are literally 4 things on it. In January, I made a goal to be done with everything house related/baby related (clothing/gear/products) by June 1st and I cannot believe that I am even typing this but it is looking like everything is going to be done! Such a nice feeling knowing that should baby Ralph make his debut a bit early, we will be ready! If not, I am just going to have a bit more free time to hopefully read a couple of books and soak up some sunshine.

I hope you all have the most wonderful Memorial Day weekend! xx


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