The Items We Are Going to Use with Ralph

Amy Havins reveals the gender of their first baby.I cannot believe that we are now 7 weeks away from meeting sweet little Ralph. As slow as this entire process has been this last weekend something hit me and I cannot believe what little time left we have until his arrival.

As we approach Ralph’s due date and I feeling like I am somewhat prepared (if that is even possible); I have been getting more e-mails and messages from you all lately asking what products we have gotten to prepare. I thought it would easier to sum it all up in a post, since there are quite a few things we have gotten along the way.

I do want to say though BEFORE you jump to the bottom of this post and read/have an opinion as to what all ‘gear/items’ we have decided on, that these items are 100% things Wade and I have liked. We realize that there are SO many different brands and like anything, everyone likes something for their own reason. Also, we are also fully aware that once Ralph arrives, he may hate everything we have picked out for him. If I have learned anything from all of my friends that have babies, it’s that you can only be ‘so prepared’ but at the end of the day–the baby calls the shots as to what he/she was to lie in/play on/suck on/play with. We know that this is going to be such a huge learning experience but we literally cannot wait!

Let me know what you think about the products we chose, would love to hear what works for your babies, just in case these items do not work for Ralph!

Items We Plan To Use For Ralph

Looking forward to hearing what you like/dislike from our above list. Also, like I said before, these are things that WE are planning to use (or at least see if Ralph likes them). Fingers crossed! xx

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