April Q & A

april q + A

I cannot believe that it has been so long since my last Q & A (maybe September?). Honestly though, now that I think about it it makes sense why it really has been a minute. The holidays happened, we took a few of trips (this trip was a little over a week before I actually found out I was pregnant), I found out I was pregnant, I had the flu (miserable because I was only 6 weeks pregnant), a few other things here & there and now we haven’t really left our house in three weeks. So now it probably makes a little more sense why it’s been a minute for a Q & A.

It’s weird but in my head I felt like time would go so slow since January but it really has gone so fast. Okay, clearly I could ramble on today but I’ll get to the real  reason you’re here! My April Q & A. See below! and please let me know if you have anymore questions. xx

April Q & A

  • You have a candy drawer and clearly indulge in yummy food. How do you stay in shape? I have always been pro about keeping ‘junk’ food around because I feel like if it is around it’s not a big ‘treat’ (we have a candy drawer and everything from oreo’s to m&m’s in our pantry). Also I am really big into portion control. Before I elaborate, by portion control I really mean balance. I don’t say “no” to foods that I love but instead I maybe eat less of the unhealthy item and more of the veggies or salad if that makes sense. So for example; we love pizza. We order it at LEAST once a week! Instead of eating an entire pizza to myself, I eat a couple of slices and then fill up on a salad. Easier said than done I’m sure but I am all about balance. I also do work out and try to live an active and healthy lifestyle. I will say that I DO NOT work out to lose weight or burn off something I have eaten. I work out for clear head and to relieve stress.
  • C-section recovery tips? I would say my biggest tip is sleep. I honestly think that is how I was able to recover and bounce back so quickly. I know, easier said than done and I’m sure I’ll get a handful of snarky comments for saying that. Yes, we had a night nurse but that doesn’t mean that I just dropped by NEW baby off with her and didn’t see him. In fact it’s the opposite. I would just snuggle him NON STOP and give him every single bottle during the day. Newborns sleep SO much at the beginning, so as hard as it is just put your baby down and sleep when they sleep. I know you want to have them sleep on your chest (and yes of course I did that all the time) but I literally would FORCE myself to sleep during the day while he was sleeping (and at night too). Another thing would be to not be afraid to ask for help. My husband was SO helpful. He knew that I just needed to ‘be still’ and recover. Also make sure to not beat yourself up if you’re not up and running around. C-section recovery from my understanding is much slower than a vaginal recovery, so just know that 2-3 weeks after your baby is born you will have completely forgotten how uncomfortable you were at the beginning. Oh and take the meds the doctors give you. Don’t try to be ‘strong’ and not take them. The joys of modern medicine is that you can feel better/pain free! Take the meds and remember that this too shall pass.
  • What is something you stressed about with Ralph that you are very confident about this time? Wade and I were literally talking about this in the car after my doctors appointment (I had my 16 week appointment today). This pregnancy, I have been so much less stressed. There is no ‘fear of the unknown’ this time around, it is so nice to know what to expect. Selfishly, another answer to this question would be my post baby body. I was extremely discouraged by complete strangers (the anonymous internet trolls I like to call them) the last time I was pregnant. I got so many messages saying that ‘your body will never be the same again’ or ‘good luck ever wearing your jeans again’. People (especially strangers) are just plain mean sometimes. One that that I am very confident in this time is not worrying about my post baby body because I know that it will eventually go back once I have the baby. It’s crazy but your body is so amazing and really does have muscle memory. Plus, it’s one less thing to even think about because it will all be fine!
  • Who are your favorite Peloton instructors? Hands down Alex Toussaint and Cody Rigsby. I will say I haven’t taken a bad instructor but those two guys are my favorite!
  • Favorite easy dinner recipes? I love making my friend Rachel of Food Life Love’s easy chicken enchilada recipe (I substitute beef for chicken though). I also have found myself making fish SO MUCH lately! I season halibut, put in the oven (450 degrees) for 12 minutes. It’s so easy and yummy to pair with a baked potato or asparagus!
  • What show was Ralph watching where he was being interactive with his trucks? Blippi, Ralph is obsessed with him!
  • Did you use a high chair with Ralph? Recommendations? Yes, we started using a high chair around 6 months with Ralph. To be honest, I didn’t order a high chair until a few days before we were going to try one out (I didn’t want to store something I didn’t have to for literally no reason. We used this high chair and actually still have it. I take it out of the closet when Ralph wants to paint or color because NO WAY is he allowed to have a free for all with paint! haha
  • Favorite loungewear brands? Click here to see some of my current favorite loungewear sets. I also love the brand Lett. I have a couple of sets from them and they are SO cozy (and chic).
  • Where are you originally from? I was born and raised in Dallas! The hospital I was born in is the same hospital I gave birth to Ralph in (and baby #2 will also be born there).
  • Plans for baby girls nursery? I actually had a virtual meeting with our designer, Cindy Sontag, two weeks ago to discuss. I do know we will be doing some form of blue and white (I can’t help it) but we are also in the process of transforming Ralph’s room into a ‘big boy room’ (his beds arrive Friday). So Ralph is priority right now and we will make more final decisions for baby girl sooner than later!
  • Baby girl names? If you’re not sharing yet then will you share what your boy name would have been? I am not sure when we will share baby girls name (yes, the full name is already picked out!). Our boy name was Hugh. Hugh Havins. All the feels but we are done after this baby, so if you are trying to think of a boy name, I recommend Hugh!
  • How is pregnancy going? I am so grateful to have easy pregnancies (well, so far), so everything is going great. I am still able to keep my normal routine. The beginning was semi-tough bc I would get tired in the afternoons but I always just made sure to nap when Ralph as napping so I could get through the day and be a good mom/wife!
  • Other than spin and yoga, do you do any other form of exercise? Really no. I mean we do talk walks around the neighborhood, so walking? Spin and yoga are really my things and have been for yearssss!
  • Favorite nail polish colors? Hands down, OPI Big Apple Red and OPI Bubble Bath.  For some reason OPI polish stays on my nails SO much better than other brands! These colors have been my go-to for YEARS! 
  • How did you get started as an influencer? I cannot believe it but I have been doing this for 9 years. CRAZY! A few years ago I did a post on my career path. Click here to read!
  • Favorite candle or scent for a guest room? We always have these candles burning throughout our house! This scent is my favorite!
  • Are you going to share baby girls name? Not sure yet. We shared Ralph’s before he was born so I’m not opposed to it.
  • What is your TCBY order? Either swirl with m&m’s and oreos or white chocolate mousse with m&m’s and oreos!
  • Best advice to give someone in their 20’s? You’re first job will not be your dream job but all roads will lead and help you get to where you want to be. Work as hard as you can (I worked retail and was working as a personal shopper before I started organizing and cleaning out closests..and wayyy before the blog existed). Just do your best and don’t get frustrated if things don’t happen for you overnight. Oh and if you are unhappy or hate what you are doing. Find something else.
  • Favorite Amazon purchase? This ice roller. I store in our freezer and I roll my face in the mornings and sometimes at night. I swear it helps with puffiness. The best $14 you will ever spend!
  • I am recently engaged and my parents are divorced. It’s really stressing me out with wedding planning. Where do I even start? First, congratulations on your engagement. What an exciting time for you! Second, I am so sorry that your parents are stressing you out. Divorce and weddings are such a slippery slope because there is no way you are not going to offend someone (table placements, seating charts, etc). Honestly, I would just be inclusive of both your parents and not worry about offending them (because you probably unintentionally will). It’s not your fault that they no longer want to be married. They are also adults and SHOULD be able to understand that this is not about whatever went wrong with their relationship but an exciting time for their daughter. Easier said than done…I know. There really is no great way to handle divorced parents as it is what it is. I finally said *screw it* when I had Ralph. I let myself stop worrying if it would be weird if one person was around the other because at the end of the day, they are your parents (it took me 6 years to get to this point). Everyone came to visit in the hospital room and we even took photos of the ‘original crew’ (my sisters and my parents). It will take time but just don’t worry too much. Your parents are probably just as worried that their decisions will put a damper on your happy time.
  • What brand of sleep sack do you use for Ralph? This brand has been my FAVORITE! We have two (yes you always need backup) the one Ralph sleeps in during the cooler months is the 1.0 tog and the one that he sleeps in during the warmer months is .5 tog. These are the SOFTEST sleep sacks and I love that they have different weights depending on the season so your baby will stay warm or not get too hot!
  • Pregnancy work out routine? My pregnancy work out routine and my non pregnancy routine are the exact same. Spin 2-3 times a week and yoga 3-4 times a week . I try to work out 5-6 days a week. Also, my work outs are not always ‘intense’ sometimes its just moving my legs on the Peloton or a walk around the neighborhood. For me, it is just important to take time for myself to move around. I feel SO good after doing so!

Okay friends, if you made it through that WOW. Sorry I went on for so long! As always, let me know if you have anymore questions! Always happy to answer them for you. xx

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