How I Found Out I was Pregnant with Number Two

If you have been following me for some time now, you may remember this post that I published a few years ago sharing how I figured out I was pregnant with Ralph. Well round two was pretty much the same but also kind of funny (again).

Wade and I always knew that we wanted to try for two children. We were blessed with baby Ralph in July of 2017 and after Ralph turned two we started to “think” about adding another baby to our little family. We kept putting it off but we never stopped talking about it. Finally a bit before Christmas, we both decided that we wanted to be breezy to try and have siblings that would be a few years apart and just see what happened.

Of course after having this conversation with Wade, I talked to one of my closest friends, Krystal (who is also having a baby girl this summer) and she was so excited for us. As you all know, when I use the term ‘breezy’ it means not thinking about/tracking anything and going on with normal life. With everything you never really know how long things will take.

**Please know that my story is not meant to discourage anyone. I am aware that everyone has a different journey and am very grateful to be able to get pregnant and also am very sympathetic to those that have very different stories**

The middle of January rolled around and I was working out and suddenly felt really dizzy and overheated. As someone who LOVES a heated workout and has never had any issues, this was kind of weird for me. I left the class early and decided to take a pregnancy test JUST to get that thought out of my mind (because I really thought there was no way) and much to my surprise, it was positive. I was SHOCKED. I was sitting in our bathroom by myself and just shocked. I called Wade and he didn’t answer, so I texted him. Still, no response (see screen shot of texts above). As I was sitting in my bathroom staring at this test, I just picked up the phone and called Krystal.

It’s like she knew. I called and just said “Krystal….oh my god”. Her response was “NOOOO” (funny how with good friends you don’t really have to say much). We just kept chatting and she asked what Wade said. I told her that Wade had still not answered his phone or texted back. Finally what seemed like hours (it was probably 10 minutes), Wade called. All he said was “Yes….I think I know why you’re calling”. He said he knew the minute he saw all the texts and missed calls.

After a day that brought us such a big surprise, me and Wade met for dinner, just the two of us. We were both still shocked but grateful and excited at the same time. We cannot wait to welcome baby girl to our little family this September and I am excited to share bits and pieces along the way. xx

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