September Q & A

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Hard to believe that another month has gone by and it is time for my *favorite* blog post, my monthly Q & A! I really do love doing these Q & A blog posts because I feel like it gives you all a chance to get to know me a little better. Please know that any of the answers below are my opinion, so take everything with a grain of salt.

Okay, so here we go!

September Q & A

  • Who is your fashion stylist? This is probably the nicest question I have ever gotten because I do not have a stylist. I pick out everything I wear!
  • Do you ever feel weird that people from your past can watch your life everyday? Honestly, I have really thought about it…should I feel weird about this?
  • What is your go-to Starbucks drink? If I go to Starbucks (I prefer to make coffee with my Nespresso machine at home), I ordered an Iced Tall Skinny Vanilla Latte.
  • Where should I take friends to dinner who are visiting me in Dallas? If you want to take them for a more lively dinner, I always say Javiers but if you are more about the dinner and ambiance, I always say Neighborhood Services, The Charles, Fachini or Le Bilboquet.
  • Who makes your custom cups? We get all of our party cups/napkins/koozies/etc from here. She is the BEST!
  • Where did you buy your rugs? We order all rugs through our designer, Cindy Sontag. She gets the custom cut from various showrooms.
  • Where did you buy your wall art? All of our art has come from different places. Some pieces we have found in stores, some we order online and some we have had custom made! Probably a terrible answer but in summary, we have not rushed it and we invest in things that we really like. 
  • Favorite blog posts you have ever done? IF I had to pick two of my favorites, I would say this post ‘introducing’ Ralph is one of my favorites and the other one that I love is this post.
  • Favorite date night in Dallas? I would say any place that we cannot take Ralph. To me, there is something so underwhelming about going to a restaurant with just Wade where technically Ralph could go. 
  • What are some of your go-to snack or dinners? For snacks I would say fruit, avocado toast a juice or cheese and crackers and for dinners it really just depends on my mood. I love quesadillas, a nice piece of fish or something as simple as a great bowl of soup. Different days I feel like different things.
  • How many weeks after Ralph was born were you a bridesmaid? Any issues with it? 7 weeks after Ralph was born I was a bridesmaid in Mackenzie’s wedding! In order to plan ahead, I ordered my bridesmaid dress 2 sizes larger than I normally wore before I was pregnant. I talked to my tailor and made sure she would be prepared for a quick turnaround. It’s crazy how much your body shrinks after just 7 weeks, so we ended up taking the dress in significantly! Worked out great and it was one of the most special weekends because a close friend got married and it was Ralphs first trip!
  • When did you buy in Idaho? In the fall of 2017
  • Will you go back to Idaho next summer? Yes! Already counting down the days, especially because Dallas is still so hot!
  • How was Idaho? What dose Wade do for you all to be gone for a few months? Idaho was a dream. It was perfect weather and most importantly so much time with my sweet little family of 3.  Wade works for himself and has the flexibility to work from anywhere! He did go back to Dallas a few times during the summer though to check in/etc on things at home.
  • Did you take your dogs to Idaho with you for the summer? We did not. To be honest the thought of flying with Ralph, and two dogs kind of sounded like a nightmare. The puppy brothers actually stayed with someone who used to work at our vet. She is the best and they love her so much. She always keeps the puppies when we go out of town.
  • Do you want more kids? Goodness, I have been getting this question so much lately! I guess when your kid turns 2 everyone excepts you to have another. At this point I would say that we are still deciding!
  • What did/do your parents do as a profession? My dad is in commercial real estate and my mom was a teacher until I was born and now she works at a commercial real estate office (not my dads).
  • How to decorate your home for fall in a tasteful/nontacky way? I am not really a fan of ‘seasonal’ decor. Even during the holidays we keep things to a minimum around here. If you are really set on decorating for fall, I would focus on the front porch (pumpkins, flowers in planters) and as far as inside goes, I would add a ‘fall feel’ with florals and scented candles. This is my favorite fall candle
  • Do you have any home projects that you are working on? Funny this got asked, yes we do! We are currently in the process of ‘layering’ the house. Swapping light fixtures, changing a few fabrics, adding art but the *most* exciting thing is wallpaper! We are having wallpaper in our dining room and bar area installed tomorrow. I.Cannot.Wait.
  • Will you guys move again or stay in your current house for a long time? We LOVE our house right now but I will say that we are always those people who are ‘looking’. I would prefer not to move anytime soon but like we always say, everything is for sale! haha
  • College tips?? Currently adjusting to a new environment. Say YES to as much as you can! At the beginning I know it seems overwhelming. New city, new room, probably a new roommate, new classes, SO much *new*. I would make sure you make an effort to get out as much as you can. Universities are filled with so many amazing walks of life. You will probably meet more than a handful of people you don’t care to be around all the time but once you find some like minds that you click with, it will make everything easier. Also, don’t stress if you don’t find your “group” right away, sometimes some of the best friends are made at the most random times! For example, one of my best friends I actually went to college with (we were even in the same sorority) but we did not become close until AFTER college! Crazy right? If you are still reading this my biggest takeaway would be to never put pressure on yourself and make sure you surround yourself with people you can truly be yourself with. 
  • Where do you go for facials? The only person I trust with my skin is Amanda from Eleven Wellness.

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