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May Guest Q & A

krystal Schlegel Q & A

Last month I did my first ever Guest Q & A (you can click here to read it) and you guys loved reading Wade’s responses. I thought it would be fun to do another Q & A, this one for the month of May. As I was thinking of who would be the perfect guest for the month of May, I immediately thought of one of my best friends Krystal!...


My Second Q & A


Last month I did my first ever Q & A (you can read the post here) and I was so pleased with the response that I received that I decided to do it again this month! While I did get A LOT of questions, I decided that I just would take the first 10 that had not already been asked (I get lots of the same questions and questions that I have already answered in the Q&A so I wanted to make sure they were different this time)....