May Guest Q & A

krystal Schlegel Q & ALast month I did my first ever Guest Q & A (you can click here to read it) and you guys loved reading Wade’s responses. I thought it would be fun to do another Q & A, this one for the month of May. As I was thinking of who would be the perfect guest for the month of May, I immediately thought of one of my best friends Krystal! Not only is she one of my CLOSEST friends but she is also getting married in just 9 days which is so exciting.

I was so thrilled when Krystal agreed to take the time to answer your questions during such a busy season in her life and I know you all are going to love reading her answers as much as I did!

May Guest Q & A

  • Tell us about your friendship with Amy! How long have you known each other and how did you meet?? Amy and I went to the same high school (a few grades apart) and reconnected when we both started blogging professionally about 8 years ago!  We wen’t to our first New York Fashion Week together and instantly felt like we were sisters!  Amy is so much fun to be around and also gives the best life advice! 
  • Are you Canadian? I have dual citizenship.  I was born in Texas, but everyone else in my family is from Canada and we go back to Lake Huron where they lived every summer.  My parents moved to Dallas a few years before I was born.
  • What did you major in in college? I studied Journalism, Advertising and Fashion Media at SMU. 
  • What’s the biggest misconception about you? Hmm. I would say that I’m shy! I’m actually really outgoing, loud and funnnnny once you get to know me. 🙂
  • Favorite restaurant in Dallas? Shinsei.
  • How did you get into running? I always thought it looked like fun. Luke was training for his 7th half marathon when we met and we decided to try running together one night on our way home from dinner.  I am constantly researching training programs, proper fuel and the best running shoes.  He really helped me slowly work my way up by doing a 5k then half then we did the Full marathon.  Now we really love to run together!
  • How much do you run a week?  It depends on if I’m training for a race, but I typically try for three to four times a week.  I also recently got a Peloton and have been doing that as well as weight training.
  • How did you meet Luke?? Bumble! 🙂
  • What is your best wedding advise? Pinterest is a great tool for planning.  It is much easier to express what you want through visuals than it is with words.  I made a board to show what I wanted for invitations, calligraphy, tablescapes, flowers, cake, hair & makeup, and photography styles.  Also, keep up with the thank you notes so they don’t pile up lol.  
  • Favorite travel destination? Los Angeles.
  • Where are you honeymooning? Bora Bora, never been and so excited!
  • How do you pick a wedding date? We didn’t want to get married when it was too hot in Dallas and didn’t want to have a long engagement and wait until the Fall.  We like that it is a holiday weekend and kind of kicks off the Summer.  We also check to make sure that all of our family, wedding party and vendors were free that day.
  • How has wedding planning been? Honestly it has been stressful!  There have been a lot of big changes happening in a short period of time so managing moving, work and wedding planning has been a lot to take on at once!  Now that we are so close to the big day, I’m trying to just be breezy (As Amy say lol) and know that if everything isn’t perfect, at the end of the dat it will all be just fine!
  • How/Why did you choose to have your wedding at your parent’s home? I always dreamed of getting married in my parents backyard!  It is the home I grew up in and we have so many special memories there!
  • How do you and your finance handle disagreements? When an argument is not going anywhere, we usually take a breather and come back to it a few hours later.  This can help to rationalize and think about what you are going to say before saying something in a hurtful way that you don’t really mean. 
  • Will you do a home tour? Yes! The house isn’t finished quite yet, but I am working on it!
  • Favorite and least favorite fashion trends? I’m really more into finding pieces that are timeless and try not to follow the trends. 
  • What is your go to pair of sunglasses? Classic Ray-ban aviators.  
  • What is your best skincare tip? Never ever go to sleep with makeup on and wear SPF daily.
  • What beauty product can you not live without?Aquaphor.
  • Favorite home scent candle? We really love this one from Diptyque.

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