April Guest Q & A

wade guest q & AQ & A’s have quickly become my favorite series that I have started on the blog (but really). If this is your first time reading one of my Q & A’s you can read my March Q & A here and my February Q & A here. I wanted to bring a monthly Q & A to the blog to allow you all to get to know me even better. I honestly forget that even through Instagram stories, you all are only seeing about 45 seconds of my entire day.

Since this Q & A series has been *extra popular*, I wanted to add a guest series as well. To let you all get to know some of my friends and family a little better. I was thinking of who I wanted to be my first  guest and of course Wade came to mind. As you all have probably figured out, Wade is even more private than me, so I was not sure he would be into the idea of answering questions that YOU all asked. Much to my surprise he agreed and answered your questions so well. I am SOOO excited that he agreed to do this. Not that this *most* special guest needs any introduction but in short, I hope you all enjoy hearing from the one and only (and my favorite human on this planet), Wade Havins.

April Guest Q & A

  • How old are you? 32 
  • Hillstone or Neighborhood Services? NHS – Because of the staff as much as the great food, they’re the best people.
  • What’s your favorite date night with Amy? Anywhere that fits our mood at the time, sometimes that’s the staples and sometimes its a new spot. 
  • Favorite course to play in DFW? Dallas National but in town club favorite course is Northwood.
  • What is your favorite thing about Amy? Many things but one that I feel is different than most peoples description of what they like about their significant other – her ability see both the good and the bad in every scenario that we face together.
  • How often do you play golf and when is Ralph starting lessons? I try to play once a week, sometimes twice if I can sneak out early on the weekends. Formal lessons, I’m not sure. I want him to like it enough to want to take lessons at some point, but I also want him to be a feel player, not a technical one. I’ve already taught him some small things, like grip, and it’s amazing he takes a very close to proper grip now every time he swings. Amazing at his age, at least I think.
  • Favorite places to shop? Rag & Bone, any golf pro shop and Neimans
  • What are your wardrobe staples? Sneakers, jeans, tees, hoodies and hats for every day. A few basic combos of the same outfit if I have to be more than casual. I like to avoid those type of scenarios most of the time. I have more shoes than clothes.
  • Best part about being a dad? Both seeing yourself in your little person and seeing him become his own self.
  • Dads/husbands are the hardest to buy for! What is the best gift Amy has ever gotten you? Tough not to be cliché and say our son together, haha. She got me an additional wedding band that I wear more than the band I was married in that I love.
  • Do you want more kids? Potentially, but I am happy with what Amy would like to do. Ultimately, it’s her body.
  • What advice would you tell a 23 year old guy if you could about his life and future? This is a hard question because it is so general. I could have a great conversation with whomever asked this and likely end up learning as much from you as you could me. That said, a few come to mind. Find someone to love and share life with would be number one regardless. Be patient, but do not let patience hold you back from opportunity. Regardless of their age, genuinely become friends with your elders. They’ve been there, good and bad, that kind of knowledge can help you with not only your career but your relationships. Be reliable. I’m learning new things every day so I definitely do not want to come off like I know everything or have experienced everything. 
  • How do you balance work and family? As best possible. Communicating about that balance with Amy has been a key for us. It’s definitely one of the toughest things in my life. You have to add more than just those two because of everything else there is outside of those two things that also play a factor. I wish it was as simple as work and family!
  • Expecting our first baby this week. Any new dad tips for my husband? Listen. Other than that, you’ll feel something kick in where you’re going to do anything you, being your husband, need to without hesitation. It’s probably adrenaline but it feels unworldly in the beginning.
  • What are your ‘dad duties’? My main duty is bath time, but we share a lot of the later in the day duties like preparing Ralph’s meals, playing with him/keeping him occupied, giving him his milk, etc. 
  •  Are you involved in home decorating or do you leave it all to Amy? We do it together with the help of Cindy Sontag. 
  • Best destination golf course/resort vacation? Golf resorts aren’t really my thing, but I would say definitely California golf if you’re trying to incorporate golf into your family vacation. Pelican Hill for south and Pebble Beach for up north (Spyglass is the best course, not Pebble).
  • What is your handicap these days? At this moment, .3 Index that plays as a zero on course. It’s been lower and it’s been a lot higher. 
  • Love wades style, is that all him or all you? Percentage wise it’s probably 90% me and 10% Amy.
  • What do you do for a living? Buy and sell minerals and royalties.
  • How did you know Amy was the one? She was a great friend before we were a couple. I got to know her as a person before I was interested in dating her.
  • Best and worst parts of fatherhood? Best leads me back to the 9th question (Both seeing yourself in your little person and seeing him become his own self), but I’ll also say hysterically laughing with my boy. That’s fun. The worst is when Ralph’s in a bad mood, it also puts me in one. I let it affect me too much.
  • What three words would you use to describe Amy? Crazy, Sexy, Cool (was a big TLC fan) but for real, Beautiful, Thoughtful and Elegant (and extremely smart).
  • Favorite watch (specifics please)? Any Patek Phillipe and the Audemar Piguet Royal Oak (not a fan of the offshore though).
  • Favorite brand of shoes for men? I need specifics here. For what? My top right now for me are Nike, Adidas, YSL and Common Projects.
  • How does he handle the pressure/expectations of a somewhat public life? That’s funny to me. Social media is so odd in my opinion. I don’t feel any pressure. I’m going to be doing the same thing regardless if Amy is documenting it on her IG. We don’t do things for the internet. We do things we like to do, for us, our fam and friends.
  • As a man what female fashion trend do you just not get or like? I guess I don’t know certain trends. I like simple classic looks.
  • Best gift to give a golf loving husband? The type of golf shoe he likes / golf equipment. Or if it’s not a material item, just the time of him be out there carefree and seemingly not on a timeline. The no nagging factor is crucial to our having fun out there. Amy has not been this way for a long time now. It definitely took some coaching and coaxing 😉
  • How do you guys resolve your disagreements? Communicate. If something is pissing you off, let it out, talk about it then it will dissolve itself. You learn nicer ways to say things to where they still get off of your chest after some test runs, or many of them. I think that’s where you crossover from child to adult maybe, haha. I think that didn’t happen to me until maybe 3-4 years ago.
  • Hardest part of having a pregnant wife? Mood swings and crying for no reason. They coincide obviously. Crying is hard for me to watch because all I want is for them not to have the feeling that is making them cry, that goes for my wife and pretty much anyone else. I hate seeing anyone cry unless it’s over gambling against me on the golf course. I’m not going to name names.
  • Biggest change in your wife/relationship since becoming parents? There haven’t been a lot of changes on a personal level. Amy and I have always been close. We’ve obviously had changes on a day to day.
  • How is being a dad different than you thought? I knew the experience would be different than anything I knew, so it’s not different, just new. New is good. 
  • What is your favorite thing about Ralph? I love his expressions. There are a lot of them and they’re all so awesome.
  • Favorite part or thing in Amy’s closet? The closet itself.
  • What is your go-to white tee shirt brand? Any brand that is super soft with a decent structure. Preferably extremely inexpensive.

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