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Gray MalinThe first ‘married’ Christmas that Wade and I had (back in 2011), my dad got us a Gray Malin Prada Marfa piece for our house. At the time, I did not personally know Gray but we did have a few mutual friends having both grown up in Dallas.

Fast forward to fall of 2014 and Gray Malin reached out to me to see if I wanted to be apart of his Inspiration Spotlight series he was doing for his lifestyle blog. Having been a Gray Malin fan for a few years at that point in time, I was so excited that he reached out personally and from that e-mail on we have not only stayed in touch over the years but have transitioned from internet friends to ‘real life’ friends.

Last Friday while baby Ralph and I were in Highland Park Village, we stopped to say hi to Gray who was in town for a book signing for his latest book, Escape. Of course I was excited to see my sweet friend Gray (and introduce him to baby Ralph) but I was also really looking forward to getting my hands on his new coffee table book, Escape. We got his first book, Beaches, a couple of years ago when it came out and it is my favorite because it is such a beautiful book, so I knew his second book would be just as lovely. Not to pat myself on the back but I was 100% in saying that I knew his second book would be just as wonderful as his first.

His new book, Escape, is the perfect coffee table book to get for yourself or a friend because I know everyone will just love it. I love having books like Escape on my coffee table because they are so easy to flip through and get lost in the beautiful images!

Over the years I have had fun sharing some of Gray Malin’s pieces that we have around our home (you can see the posts here, here & here) and I cannot wait to continue to add his beautiful art around our house and also see what great things he does next.

p.s. You know how Neiman Marcus does Fantasy Gifts every year? Well, this year a Gray Malin Flight & Photo Session is apart of the Fantasy Gifts. I just about died and went to Neiman Marcus Heaven when I found out this experience with Gray Malin was a Fantasy Gift!!!! If anyone wants to purchase that experience and have me tag along, I am for sure available.

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