Happy Weekend

jack rogers

Happy weekend everyone! I hope you all had as wonderful of a week as we did. This week was extremely busy. Between work and the baby I am really not sure how I made it to Friday! I had everything from the Neiman Marcus Fantasy gift reveal to the Opera lunch with Ferragamo to two different events last night. Let’s just say I am excited that it is Friday but the next two days are going to be just as busy!

Tomorrow I am hosting a Sip & See for one of my oldest friends. I am not going to lie, I am SOO excited. There are about 20 of us and I think it’s about 12 that are bringing (new) babies. Cannot wait to see all of these littles (6 months and younger) together! Besides the party we are hosting at the house, we don’t have too much on the agenda!

Excited for this fun weekend ahead and cannot wait to share pictures of this precious party we are having! I hope you all have the most wonderful weekend.


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