At Home With Gray Malin

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When the husband and I first got married there was not too much we wanted to hang on to from our past apartments (we lived separately), so we decided to start with a clean slate when it came to decorating our first home. As much time as it takes to decorate a home (I don’t think we will ever be done), we really enjoyed picking out pieces that we both ‘approved’ of and loved together. If I have learned anything from the entire process is that it takes forever and patience is a virtue.

Out of anything that we have gotten along the way for our house, I will say the one thing that has made our house into a home is what is hanging on our walls. Over the years we have been following and collecting pieces from a few artists and one of our favorite photographers, Gray Malin.

Almost exactly 3 years ago to the day the husband and I were doing bit a of shopping and we came across one of Grays pieces in a Dallas favorite spot. We asked who did the piece and the sweet girl in the shop explained that it was a photographer from Dallas who now lives in L.A. and that we HAD to get one of his pieces. After leaving the shop, we went home and I immedielty got online and did a little more research.

I felt like a kid in a (online) candy shop when I landed on his site. I scrolled through page after page, image after image and I literally wanted everything. Everything was so beautiful, striking and like nothing I had ever seen before. After scouring his site for hours, we decided on a piece from the Prada Marfa series. We both felt that it would be a great focal point for our home and a wonderful conversation piece. We ended up getting it for our first ‘married’ christmas and it has been one of my favorites ever since.

As a long time fan of Gray Malins work, I cannot tell you how excited I was when Gray reached out and asked if I would like to be apart of his Inspiration Spotlight series.Trust me when I say there is nothing more flattering than a photographer whom you are a huge fan of and have collected his pieces for years wants to feature you on his blog. (enter: happy dance)

 Gray Malin is one of those guys that have been so fun to watch. From his incredible photography, surfboards, wallpaper, phone covers, and even now wrapping paper; he never ceases to amaze me. Fast forward 3 years and we just got our 4th photograph from the oh so talented Mr. Malin but I assure you that will not be our last!

Make sure to pop over to Gray Malin’s site and see the full post

photos by Jay Briggs Photography

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