How to always have a good hair day

Amy Havins shares her hair secrets.Amy Havins shares her hair secrets.Amy Havins shares her hair secrets.Amy Havins shares her hair secrets.Amy Havins shares her hair secrets.

Thinking back on all of the different hair phases I have had in my life not only makes me laugh but also can take me back to individual moments that helped shape who I am today. I have always been one of those girls who can remember exactly what she was wearing, how my hair was styled and sadly even what ‘color’ it was at the time (yes, I have been a full on blonde…twice).

For me, my hair stages and styles take me back to the good times and the bad. In high school I was blonde with hair to my shoulders, then I wanted a new look when I started college so I went back to my natural brunette ways. After a break up in college I went blonde again and then after college when I was entering the work force, I decided that I was meant to be a brunette, with long hair and haven’t looked back since. On paper it seems like my journey has been simple but it really is quite the opposite. It has been filled with everything from disappointments, rejection, stress, happiness, love and all the things in between (including some good and bad hair days).

No two hair stories are the same. In fact, my hair journey has been up and down. Everyone starts with great hair (blank slate), then middle school (and sun in) get the best of you; followed by experimenting with color and then the next thing you know your hair is a completely unnatural shade and has that extra crunch to go with the new do.

As a new mom, I feel like my hair style really defines who I am. Even though I have no plans to steer away from my brunette locks; I have learned over the last few months to embrace the #momDo. The #MomDo is what I like to call ‘anything that goes’. Some days I sport a top knot and this usually means I didn’t have time to wash my hair and others days I get time to wash, blow dry and hot roll my hair which means that I got to spend time on me. It’s funny how you can really tell what kind of morning it has been by how my hair looks these days!

Over the years and through all of my hair changes, one thing that I can say that has stayed consistent is my shampoo and conditioner. Herbal Essences has been a brand that has been in my shower for as long as I can remember. Through the good and the bad (hair) days, Herbal Essences has always made me feel fresh and confident. Even when I was making bad decision with color or style.

Although all of these (hair) moments have helped shape who I am today, one thing that I have learned through my journey is that change can be scary and if you don’t embrace it and really let life in you won’t get to enjoy everything to the fullest.

This post was brought to you by POPSUGAR x Herbal Essences. All opinions are my own. 

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