August Q & A

august q & A

Yesterday it dawned on me that I had not done a Q & A since April (click here to read). It seems like that was just yesterday but it really has been a minute…and an entire summer.

Okay, so here we go…August’s Q & A!

August Q & A

  • When are you coming home? We are coming back to Dallas in a couple of weeks!
  • Where do you actually live? Dallas
  • How long have you been up North? About 3 months! We got to Idaho at the end of May (we did come home for a week and a half at the end of June) and are coming back to Dallas in a couple of weeks!
  • What are you guys doing in Idaho? We are spending the summer up here while also avoiding the Dallas heat!
  • What is your favorite snack bar right now? I have been obsessed with this bar for the last 8 months!
  • Are you moving to Idaho? Nope! Just spending the summer here!
  • Best vacation spots with a baby in tow? I think you can take a baby anywhere as long as the accommodations work for your crew. Ralphie has been just about everywhere with us. 
  • We are relocating too Dallas. Best neighborhood to rent until we buy? Prefer fun and walkable! How Exciting! Dallas is really the best. As far as walkable neighborhoods I would recommend Highland Park, University Park, Devonshire, Greenway Crest, Greenway Parks, Bluffview or Briarwood!
  • Tips on decorating a rental home with your beau on a budget?
    • Ask family members if they have any furniture in storage they are not using
    • paint the rental home yourself…HIGHLY recommend White Dove (white dove eggshell for walls, white dove semi gloss for trim and white dove flat for ceilings)
    • If you are going to spend any money, invest in lighting (lamps/fixtures). Think about it like go to Old Navy and buy a white tee and jeans and then splurge on your bag or shoes…the bag or shoes make the outfit look much more elevated…bag/shoes=lighting
    • purchase all white bedding and then find someone that can make a bolster (click here to see a picture of our master bedroom in Idaho…all bedding is Pottery Barn but the bolster is custom..totally makes the space feel unique).
  • Tips on adjusting to life when moving to a new house? Make the beds and get all of the boxes out. Even if the room is messy, once things are out of boxes you will be motivated to put things away. Also, GET RID OF ANYTHING YOU ARE NOT USING. I get rid of EVERYTHING we don’t use (furniture, clothing, etc) because I know that someone else will get great use out of it!
  • How do you keep your house so clean? I think it’s so funny I how much I get asked this question! In short, we just pick up after ourselves (both myself and Wade are extremely tidy) and we make sure everything has a place…even if that place is a junk drawer!
  • What is the brand of jammies that you and Ralph always wear? We always wear these pajamas! Wade even has a few pairs…they are our favorite!
  • Tell us more about Idaho! Did you buy a house there? Idaho has been such a special place to have spend the last couple of summers. Yes, we purchased a home with some really good friends!
  • Does Ralph ever get homesick on your vacation? Absolutely not…we make sure that he is as comfortable as possible and has everything from familiar toys to the same blankets he has at home! I even purchased the same mattress Ralph has at home in Dallas for him to have up here in Idaho!
  • Favorite stage of Ralph? All of them because they are all SO different and fun!
  • Questions to ask when interviewing a nanny? I would just say sit down and have a conversation you would have with anyone you are meeting for the first time. I am someone who bases my decisions off of their energy/vibe. Before I hired our current nanny (she has been with us 19 months), she would fill in for our previous nanny. I wanted to see how she was with Ralph and if she was able to follow through with Ralphs schedule! After about 3 days we hired her full time. 
  • Is Ralph still on a schedule? He is! I wake him up in the mornings between 8:30-9; lunch is about 12:30; nap is 1:45-3:45; dinner is about 6 and bedtime is around 8!
  • Is Ralph a picky eater? Sometimes! He goes through phases but we always ‘re try’ foods even if he doesn’t care for them the first time!
  • Is Ralph potty trained? Not yet but he does occassinsaly go potty in a training toilet or outside. 
  • Anymore kids? We are still deciding but I would say probably.
  • Where is Ralph’s wardrobe from? Majority is Ralph Lauren but I get a lot of his clothes
  • Workout routines? At home spin and yoga! In Idaho I have been working out with a trainer, getting on Peloton or taking circuit classes!
  • Who designed your wedding dress? Pricilla of Boston
  • Favorite workout gear? ANYTHINIG from Bandier.
  • Favorite online stores? Net-a-Porter, Intermix, Neiman Marcus & Shopbop
  • What is your favorite part of your own style? You always look effortlessly chic! Oh wow, this is actually such a nice compliment because I don’t always feel effortlessly chic! I would say my thing has always been ‘less is more’ (especially with jewelry!)
  • Where do you get your lashes done in Dallas? I’ve actually never gotten my lashes done in Dallas. Would love suggestions if anyone has them!

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