Happy Weekend

Amy havins wear a blue and white blouse with white jeans.

Happy weekend friends! Who else is excited that today is Cinco de Mayo? Totally honest, I am not missing the margaritas this year but instead embracing this beautiful day and continuing to count down the arrival of baby Ralph! I cannot believe that in just 9 1/2 weeks he will be here (single week digits are a big deal, haha).

The last two weeks have been completely crazy but I am really seeing the light at the end of the tunnel when its comes to pregnancy and interior related things. As the days go by I keep checking off things that have been on my ‘list’ for SO long and as the list gets shorter, I keep asking myself what on earth am I going to do to occupy my time??? I then quickly remember, that Ralph will be here by the time everything gets done, so I will be VERY busy again. Cannot. Wait.

This weekend will be pretty standard (spin, lunch with friends, a night out) but I do have ONE really exciting thing happening on Sunday! This Sunday my sweet friends are throwing me (and Ralph) a baby shower! I cannot wait to spend the afternoon celebrating sweet little Ralph and of course spending time with my sweet friends and family. I know it will be such a fun get-together!

I hope you all have the most wonderful weekend and if the weather is anything like it is in Dallas right now..please go outside!!!! xx


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