Mixing It Up

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In January when I announced that I was pregnant, I also mentioned what my current work out routine was. Upon finding out we were expecting, I made a promise to myself to keep up with my work-outs as long as I could. My work outs have consisted of running outdoors, spin, yoga and working out with a trainer once a week. I have really tried to mix it up, to keep it fresh and not get too boring!

Now that I am 30 weeks (so crazy), I am still happy (and so thankful) to say that I am able to continue my regular work out schedule. Yes, some days I am exhausted but I know that I will feel THAT much better after my work out is complete! One of my favorite things about my current work out schedule is my Friday run/jog. The weather has been especially nice the last few weeks in Dallas, so it has made my Friday work outs that much more fun!

One thing that has changed throughout my pregnancy is the size of my boobs. My entire life I have been quite flat chested, and while my boobs are still not busting at the seams; when I do high impact workouts without wearing the proper sports bra (especially durning pregnancy) it is really uncomfortable. Thankfully, lululemon just released the Enlite Bra and it has been such a game changer for my work outs. I actually went into the lululemon store in Dallas last week and had an in store fit session to try the product out first hand! The new lululemon Enlite Bra not only perfect for running or other high impact work outs but it fits perfectly (it runs true to your bra size) and it is SO comfortable. Oh and the best part about the new lululemon Enlite Bra? It has built in lightweight cups, so for someone who is a bit more flat chested, it provides the necessary support but also makes me feel so feminine when I wear it!

Needless to say, the lululemon Enlite Bra has been a game changer to my Friday runs. Hoping that I will be able to continue my work out routines throughout the rest of my pregnancy, especially now that I have found the ‘extra support’ that I needed!

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