A Husbands Role During Pregnancy

Amy and wade announce their pregnancy.One question that I often get about my pregnancy is ‘how has Wade been?”. You would think that since he is not carrying the baby that he would be totally checked out (I probably would be) but he is has been the exact opposite since we found out I was pregnant last November. Wade has been a dream guy the last 29 weeks. Since I met him in 2008, he has always taken care of me in some way but pregnancy has taken it to another level. Wade always asks if he can do anything extra for me, constantly asks if I am ok, he always helps with things that he normally might pass on doing, he planned trips to get my mind off of everything, has an on-going ‘to do list’ that he checks off, tells me that I look like a totally babe all the time, loves to draw a bath for me so I can relax at night and on top of that he has NOT MISSED a doctors appointment. In fact, he drives me to every single doctors appointment and holds my hand when I’m tearing up because I have to get my blood drawn again or even get a shot (yes, I have a MAJOR fear of needles). Is he the best? I think so but most importantly he has been SO supportive during this somewhat ‘different’ time for me.

As someone who does not like to ask for things, I have always told him (or anyone I am close to); the only thing I ‘need’ is support. A phone call or even encouraging text message…you get it right? Support! To me, it is the best way to be there for someone and Wade has done just that throughout our entire relationship but extra so during my pregnancy.

This process and the love/support he has shown has made me love him even more (if that’s even possible). He has been so wonderful and I know once sweet Ralph arrives he is going to be EVEN MORE adorable. Literally counting down the days until my other half is holding our new addition. I will probably have a melt down because it will be the cutest thing I have ever seen. Actually, I totally will.

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