Is It Ok To Touch Someones Baby Bump?

This is a question that I often get asked if it bothers me and my answer is very much MY option (for obvious reasons). To answer in short, yes. Yes, it bothers me when people touch my stomach. I would just die if someone did it prior to me being pregnant but now that I am pregnant, it makes me so uncomfortable.

For me, my current body changes are very personal and to have someone think that it is appropriate to just extend their hand and rub my belly is my worst nightmare. What am I a genie???

I often get asked ‘can I see your stomach’? My response is always ‘let me see yours first and then you can see mine’….the person asking usually gets the point. As we all know every pregnancy is different and I have learned that some women LOVE having people touch their bellies. I am for sure not that person. To each their own right?

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