The Easiest Way to De-Puff Your Face at Home

ice rollerIt’s no secret that I love facials. I have been seeing my esthetician, Amanda Stedman, every few weeks for a little over four years. Not only is she one of my favorite humans, she is also one of the best estheticians in Dallas (she is currently at Eleven Wellness) and has the BEST recommendations.

As someone who more times than not has a puffy face (literally I can eat a french fry and my cheeks will get puffy…but really), Amanda suggested that I use this ice roller and these beverage chilling wands (yes, you read that correctly).

Guys, these are the BEST things I have ever purchased. Both items are not expensive (IMO) and I keep them nicely tucked away in our freezer. I for sure don’t do this everyday but when I have something planned or opted for some late-night pretzels, I love rolling my face with see two items.

For the ice roller (the blue one), some mornings (or really whenever), I just grab it out of the freezer and roll it over my face. I roll along my jaw line and then roll my cheeks. I like to also roll the roller down my neck, I feel like it helps move some fluid around from my face to my neck!

The beverage chilling wands are for sure more effective but they do take a little more effort. I keep this cucumber face mask in our fridge and apply to clean skin before I plan to use the *frozen* beverage chilling wands. After the cucumber face mask is applied to my face, I remove the frozen beverage chilling wands and rinse quickly with cold water (just so they don’t stick to my face). Then I take the beverage wands and do basically what I would do with the ice roller but the best part about using beverage wands is that you can really ‘define‘ or get into certain areas of your face (under eyes, cheek bones, jaw line). I can tell such a big difference with just about 5-7 minutes of doing this!

If you are deciding between buying one or the other, start with the ice roller (the blue one). It’s more convenient to use and it is a good starting point. I love having both options in our freezer (especially right now when I can’t see Amanda) because they are both used differently and one is ‘quicker’ than the other.

I hope this is helpful when you are needing a little pick me up during your time at home! xx

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