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favorite swim suit

I cannot believe that Monday I will be 18 weeks. 18!!! How on earth has this gone by so fast? If you remember about 6 weeks ago we were out of town (pre-pandemic) and I announced that I was pregnant via this blog post with baby number two (I was 12 weeks at the time). Well fast forward 6 weeks, with 5 of those weeks spent at home and now we are to week 18. WILD how fast/slow this pregnancy has gone.

I have heard that your second pregnancy goes much quicker than your first and I am going to have to agree with that. Between chasing a toddler around and trying to fill the day with quarantine FUN activities, it has actually gone extremely fast. I am really thankful to have had an easy time so far. Not sick, I’m still able to work out (my pregnancy goal is to work out before we head to the hospital the day I am scheduled to have baby girl) and currently have no food aversions. Everything is pretty much normal, except crop tops and high waisted jeans are no longer in the cards for me for the foreseeable future. One thing that has stayed the same is my love for this swim brand (I’m wearing the yellow suit in the photo above). Guys, I’m not kidding when I tell you how obsessed I am with this brand. It’s one size fits all (yes, you read that correctly), it’s seamless (it doesn’t pinch and squish your skin) and it comes in so many flattering shapes and styles. Pregnant or not, this suit works for me and I am so thankful to be able to be able to wear something that feels ‘normal’ during my pregnancy (it’s fun to be able to wear brands you love even when you are pregnant). 10/10 would recommend this brand to add to your swim collection for summer or laying in your backyard if quarantine continues!

I wish I had more detailed updates for you all regarding my pregnancy but besides life/the world coming to a complete halt, everything is somewhat the same!

I will say the one thing I am MOST excited about is that I have started during this pregnancy is virtual meetings with our interior designer discussing what we are going to do for baby girls room (if you know me you know I love a project). In our first meeting she showed me some pink fabrics and I was kind of okayISH with it but after we got off the FaceTime, I called her back and told her I just couldn’t do it. I do love pink but our house is so cohesive and has such a nice flow design wise, I think if I went the pink route it would make me crazy and I would eventually want to change it…so all I will say at this point is that a simple blue (ish) and white room is in the cards for baby girl (when she is older and wants a pink room, she can have it but for now, not happening 😉 ). I did tell Cindy that maybe we could incorporate a little pink pillow or bolster (haha). I know, I’m wild.

Well that’s it for my (underwhelming) pregnancy update. I guess it is a good thing that there is nothing crazy to update you with. I do want to add to this post that I do understand what a blessing it is to have easy pregnancies (so far) and I am grateful for being able to feel as normal as possible as I know that is not the case for everyone. Please know that I am not *bragging* that I have it easy, but simply explaining how things are for ME (which is the point on my little corner of the internet). If you are struggling during this time or with your pregnancy please know that this too shall pass and once you hold that baby in your arms all the pain/uncomfortablness/etc will have been worth it! In the grand scheme of things, pregnancy is such short blip on the radar and worth EVERY second.

Sending you all the best vibes on this Saturday. xx

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