dswshoes-1dswshoes-1dswshoes-1dswshoes-1dswshoes-1dswshoes-1dswshoes-1If you saw my blog post last week, you know that we moved. If you didn’t, surprise! You can read all about it here.

We have now spent 5 nights in our new house and I have to admit that I love the new house more every day. Something you might not know about me is that change is really hard for me. Like, I’m REALLY bad at it. You can ask my mom how crazy I have been my entire life with change. When we moved houses when I was in the third grade, I made my parents move my ceiling fan because I loved the sound it made in my room. Weird I know. 21 years later, I find myself still doing similarly crazy things. An example would be that I had the EXACT same faucets that we put in our last master bathroom put in our new master bathroom because I knew it would remind me of our old house (in a good way). That is just one of the many examples I could give you but in order to keep myself looking totally crazy, I’ll just leave it at those two examples.

Okay, okay back to the new house and how we are adjusting. 5 nights in and no complaints. For me, the best part about moving somewhere new is learning the noises and getting to know the house. So far, no complaints. We spent the first few nights without the puppies just to make sure things were in order and the backyard was complete upon their arrival so they could have as smooth of a transition as possible (Harry gets bad anxiety and started throwing up the day our drapes got taken down at the new house..yes, that is a real story). Thankfully the puppies are loving their new space just as much as we are.

Baby Ralph is loving his new room and I SWEARRRR he appreciates the fact that I moved his light fixture from the old house to our new house (notice a trend). Moving and change can be hard but once you adjust you are reminded how good change is for you. You clean things out, you reorganize, you find new energy and inspiration in your space. It’s a clean slate and every so often it’s nice to have.

Although these photos were taken in front of our old house, I will forever love having them because it was exactly a week before we moved from our first home with a baby! I’ll always get to remember what sweet little Ralph looked like before his ‘big’ move.

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