What I have done to Prepare for the baby so far

Amy Havins shares how she has prepared for baby so far. Now that I am 22 weeks and 2 days pregnant, I am beginning to think about things that I need to do to prepare for little baby Havins to arrive in July and also wanted to share with you all the (very) few things that I have done to prepare thus far. As slow as this pregnancy has felt, I cannot believe that we are less than 4 months away from holding our sweet baby boy!

Since finding out I was pregnant, (after getting over the initial shock) I immediately did two things. First, I ordered two different books (this one & this one) and of course started thinking about the nursery. As far as books go, I am still reading the ‘daily tips’ advice that this book gives you. I actually really love this book because it is literally a pregnancy countdown. Since pregnancy has not been my favorite experience, it has been really fun counting down along with the book and seeing if the things that the book lists are aligning with how I feel/etc. The other book that I am still reading, is a book that a friend recommended to me. I have really liked this book because it gives wisdom on a specific parenting style. Since this is ALL new to me, I have enjoyed this book because it gives a different perspective and insight on keys to parenting.

The other thing that I have been thinking about since I found out I was pregnant was of course the nursery. Since we had to wait 9 weeks to find out the gender (we opted for the blood test at 12 weeks), I was not sure which ‘direction’ we would get to go but I did know I wanted it to be blue and white regardless of the gender. You probably know this by now but when it comes to interiors I am so far from an expert. I for sure know what I like but I don’t know how to get the end result, so thankfully we have been able to work with a very talented Dallas interior designer that has helped up bring our home/visions to life! Long story short we have two things done with the nursery. The first is the wallpaper. We have decided to wallpaper our nursery in the sweetest blue and white print. It actually gets installed THIS Friday and I could not be more excited. The other thing that we have accomplished with the nursery is the crib. I actually ordered it last night. We decided to go with this crib since it is on the more traditional side (which we love), plus it is neutral enough that should the next baby be a girl it would work perfect for her! Now we are just lacking a dresser, a glider, the rug, a light fixture, drapes and art. Yes, it’s quite a list but I’m just thankful to have the crib and wallpaper knocked out! Since we have been remodeling our kitchen and upstairs bathrooms, I have not stressed as much about the nursery but as the kitchen and bathrooms are close to being completed, I am starting to get a bit anxious to get the nursery done so I can check it off my list.

Although I have been reading pregnancy books and ‘thinking’ about the nursery since last November, that’s really the only thing I have done up until this week to prepare for baby. This week I actually started building my registry and we even ‘tested’ out car seats and strollers. If you would have asked me last March if I thought that Wade and I would be ‘test driving’ strollers, I would not have believed you! I also want to say that Wade pushing a stroller is literally the cutest thing I have ever seen. I cannot wait for a ‘mini Wade’ to be in that stroller!

We have decided to go with this stroller and this car seat as they really worked for us (and plus we loved them). We also have decided to get this stroller/car seat to keep in Wade’s car but also to travel with. I would be lying if I said that this carseat/stroller was not the coolest thing I have ever tried and seems like something that will really be convenient.

I know we still have a longggg ways to go in terms of preparing for the baby to arrive (hospital tour, newborn class, organize everything and things I have not even thought of) but these ‘few’ things that have gotten checked off the list have really put my mind at ease. As someone who loves nothing more than counting down to something and also hates waiting, this pregnancy has really tested me but I know that I will forget everything about it once the baby is finally here.

I also wanted to add that these are things that we have done and I know everyone does things differently and I’m sure in a different order. The products that Wade and I pick out are because we think they will be best for us and our new baby. That being said, I know we are not experts and if you ever have and tips/tricks for new moms on how to prepare, a product that you like or really anything please let me know as I need all the help I can get!

I have really enjoyed sharing bits and pieces of my pregnancy thus far and I hope you all have liked following along (you can read previous posts here, here & here)! xx

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