How I Found Out I was Pregnant

Amy Havins wears black leggings and a black coat. The last few weeks I have been getting a little more personal with you all (you can read those posts here, here & here). As someone who is normally very private, this has been a little more on the difficult side for me but I have really enjoyed letting you all get to know me a little better.

With all of the new & exciting things happening around our house (baby on the way, kitchen remodel beginning next week & finishing decorating our house); I have found that opening up on my blog has really helped me stay ‘calm’ amongst all of these changes. I also want to let you all know that I have LOVED getting e-mails/comments with ‘topic’ ideas for my more personal posts, so keep them coming!!

One question that I have gotten repeatedly since we started telling people that we are expecting is “how did you know you were pregnant?”. As someone how has asked this question to just about every mom to be I know, I honestly never thought that I would be the one getting asked this question! So, so crazy.

Well, I wish there was some magical story as to ‘how I figured it out’ but there really isn’t, so I’ll just rewind to last June to a conversation Wade and I had. While at dinner last summer, a couple months out from our 30th birthdays, we started (seriously) talking about when we wanted to start a family. While we all know there is never a right time, we talked about maybe after my birthday (August 31st for those of you who don’t know my b-day). One of the most important things to us to come out of our ‘family planning’ conversation was that we needed to go into this with a really ‘breezy/relaxed’ attitude. No tracking anything (ovulation/etc) for about 8 months. For us, putting pressure on a situation (especially starting a family) would just stress us out.

Well, my birthday weekend rolled around, we took a trip to Nantucket with friends and I still had not tossed the B.C.. Scared? Yes. Nervous? Yes. Ready? Honestly, not really. After September came to a close, I went to my doctor for my yearly check up and she asked me if I wanted to renew my prescription…I paused and said oh for sure and that was the end of that conversation. After thinking about it a little more, we both realized that we just needed to rip the band off and just be breezy.

Fast forward a month and I was on the phone with one of my good friends, Caroline. Caroline had called to tell me that she was pregnant! I was so excited for her and we spent the next 30 minutes just chatting about if it would be a boy or a girl, and really just talking about all ‘things’ she had to look forward! Towards the end of the conversation I asked her ‘how she knew’ she was pregnant and she began to tell me a couple of symptoms/etc. For some reason a light went off in my head and I had kind of been feeling the same way. Caroline and I ended our conversation and that was that!

About an hour later, Caroline’s ‘symptom’ descriptions were not leaving my mind. I wanted to get the idea that I too could possibly be pregnant out of my head so I decided to take a pregnancy test. Stupid me, took one of the ones that has one strong pink line and one faint pink line so when the ‘second’ pink line barely showed up I panicked and then thought there is NO WAY that’s an ‘actual line’. Well, I took another and the same thing happened. I thought the dumb little piece of plastic was lying to me, so I headed to CVS to buy the ‘digital’ kind. I got home and took another and in BIG CLEAR LETTERS it said ‘pregnant’. I think I stood there in shock for about 5 minutes before I decided to take another ‘just in case’.

Side note: I was drinking water in between all of these tests and for those of you who know, when you are VERY EARLY the more water you drink/the later in the day it gets your HCG levels drop. Essentially I was ‘drowning mine down’. 

Long story short, tests 4,5,6 said negative. So it was a Friday afternoon and there was a 50/50 chance I was with child. Wade got home from golf around dinner time and he asked why I had a funny look on my face (it was totally obvious something was off) and I told him. At first we both just looked at each other in silence because we were both in shock, then we started laughing because we were like there is no way this could have happened this quickly! We had dinner and just kept looking at each other and laughing..again, shock.

Thankfully I already had a gyno appointment scheduled for the following Monday to have my yearly blood work done, so I knew they would be able to ‘really’ confirm. Monday rolled around, I did my tests and they told me I needed to come back a few days later to do another because the first one was a ‘beta’ test. Well the second one confirmed it…I in fact, was pregnant.

Currently I am 16 weeks & 1 day (but who is counting 😉 ) and feel beyond thankful to be in the situation that I am in, as I am fully aware that things happening so quickly is a blessing that I assure you we are not taking for granted. I also want to thank you all for the kind e-mails/texts/snaps/instagram messages/etc that you have sent over the last few days. We are so excited and I cannot wait to share this incredible ‘journey’ with you all over the next 5 1/2 months.

p.s. We found out the gender a couple of weeks ago and I cannot wait to share with you all sooner than later. Any guesses as to what Baby H will be?

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