My First Bumpdate!

Amy Havins wears a flower dress and a black coat.Ever since we announced that we are expecting our first baby mid – July the questions have been pouring in. Everything from what are your cravings to do you know the gender? While these are all more than standard questions that you ask (I have personally asked them all), I wanted to attempt to answer some more obvious ones in today’s very first bumpdate blog post.

I plan to do bumpdate blog posts every so often to fill you in on all of the good (and bad) things that are going on in relation to my pregnancy. I’m sure you have read plenty of blogs where pregnancy is all rainbows and butterflies but I would rather be totally honest with you all about the way I have been feeling, the changes that are happening with my body and all of the other things that are going on. As I mentioned in last weeks more personal blog post about how I found out I was pregnant, this all happened VERY quickly so I am attempting to learn/read/google (I know frowned upon) everything I can before this sweet baby arrives this summer! I said this last week but any tips/tricks/advice are more than welcome…this mom to be needs all the help she can get!

Ok, now to the bumpdate….

  • How far along? 17 weeks 1 day (every day counts when you are pregnant!)
  • When did you find out you were pregnant? You can read this blog post to learn about all the details but the short version is I was only 4 weeks when I figured it out…yes, I have known since November 11th that I was pregnant.
  • What made you think you were pregnant? A couple of things were off. 1. I never break out and my chest had all of these little bumps on it 2. my boobs were swollen and as someone who is super flat chested this was such a red flag
  • Have you been nauseous? No! Thank goodness.
  • How was your first trimester? Honestly, I slept through most of it. I have never been so tired in my life. I would get so tired I would want to starting crying if I could not lie down. Every afternoon it felt like I had been up for DAYS and been deprived of sleep. Once I slept for at least a couple of hours, I felt like a new person.
  • When are you due? Mid July.
  • Cravings? None…I have eaten like I have always eaten. I may get shamed for say this but since I have yet to have a craving, I am convinced that cravings are just an excuse to eat whatever you want since you are pregnant. I mean pregnant or not pregnant a milkshake and french fries sound great. I guess that means that I have eternal cravings? Who knows, maybe I am just one of the boring ones that does not have cravings.
  • Aversions? Nothing sounds bad and smells don’t bother me. I feel like if I had not stopped eating chicken in 2015 that I probably would have aversions to chicken? Who knows.
  • Weight gain? Oh ya baby, I have gained almost 6 pounds.
  • Physical changes? Honestly my stomach was the first to go. It feels so puffy. From the side it looks like I ate an entire pizza to myself. My muscle tone and definition is also slowly disappearing..everything is just ‘soft’ which honestly is frustrating because I still work out but apparently that’s what happens when you are pregnant.
  • Any symptoms the 2nd trimester? Not really, I kind of woke up a few weeks ago (thank goodness) but if I do too much in a day I need to rest my eyes for a bit or I feel like a crazy person.
  • Are you still working out? Yes, I am! I have been mixing spin and yoga and feel great so far. I plan to work out as long as I am able. Even on days when I don’t feel like working out, I make myself go because I am so thankful to have the strength to be able to get in a little exercise. I also know there might come a day during my pregnancy when I no longer can work out and as someone who loves it so much I want to do it as much as I can right now!
  • Have you bought maternity clothes yet? I actually have not purchased any maternity clothes yet. My days of wearing my high rise jeans are long gone and currently my low rise jeans are my best friends. I know I will be pulling the trigger on maternity jeans pretty soon though, just waiting on this belly to really ‘pop’.
  • Do you know the gender? Yes! We found out the gender almost a month ago. I opted to take a blood test that lets you find out early. DYING to tell you guys!
  • Will you reveal the gender? Yes we will! I am actually shooting a gender reveal post today (Wednesday), so it should be on the blog next week (fingers crossed)! I’ll keep you updated don’t worry.
  • Have you started the nursery? We actually had a meeting about the nursery last week. Let’s just say, I am really excited about it.

Ok, that pretty much covers all of the questions that have been asked so far. If you have anymore feel free to ask me, as I am an open book! If you got to the bottom of this post good for you–sorry it was so long. xx

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