Ralph’s Current Bathtub Seat

Amy shares the bathtub she uses with ralph.As a first time mom, the amount of baby products that are available is somewhat overwhelming. There are so many options and so many opinions from others that it makes deciding on a product that works for you and your baby kind of difficult. One product that I had to order after baby Ralph arrived was his bathtub seat. We knew that we would not be able to fully submerge him in the bath for at least a week after we brought him home, so I knew we would have a little time.

Honestly, pre-Ralph I would not have not been as practical (or thought it through as much) when ordering a bathtub seat. I would have probably searched ‘baby bath tub’ on amazon and picked the cutest one and called it a day. Once Ralph arrived I factored in more realistic things. Did the bathtub seat fit in our kitchen sink (I actually got out the measuring tape to double check), would the seat be comfortable for the baby, would the seat actually hold him up? All of these thoughts went through my head after his arrival and I am really glad that I waited to order something as simple as a bathtub seat because had I had options on deck, it would have just been a waste of money!

I found this bath tub seat on Amazon (I actually ordered it from Amazon now) and we could not be happier with it. I cannot say enough great things about this bathtub seat. The first few times we gave him a bath we actually just bathed him in the kitchen sink but last week I started just putting his bathtub seat in our big bath tub and he loves it so much!

I highly recommend this bath tub seat for your little one because they can use it for a long time (they grow into it).

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