What To put Your baby In when they cannot sit up on their own

what to put baby ralph in to sit up when he cannot on his own.About a week ago Ralph got to this stage where all he has wanted to do is sit up. To him, laying down is miserable. Since he cannot sit up on his own yet, I wanted to get him something that would prop him up but still allow me to have free hands. A friend suggested this chair, so I decided to order it.


I made a point when I was pregnant not to order things prior to my baby being born so I wouldn’t end up with a bunch of stuff that didn’t serve a purpose or my baby would not use. So glad I waited because I probably would not have known about this chair (or even that my baby would want to be sitting up when he couldn’t do it on his own).

Ralph has never loved anything more. He loves sitting in his ‘chair’ and ‘playing’ (usually with his burp cloth but I’m sure he will eventually love the little toys that are on the front). I highly recommend this chair if your baby cannot yet sit on their own but really wants to ‘sit up’. I know we will use this chair not only during this time but also to keep him in one place when he starts sitting on his own!

To get this exact chair that Ralph loves click here.

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